Administrative Calendar


New Student Orientation and Advanced Registration


Registration for Fall (W, R mid August.)

Part-time Faculty Convocation (S Before Registration)

Full-time Faculty Convocation (F After Registration)

Review Student Evaluations of Summer Adjuncts

August Degree Certification


Applications Due for Sum. Faculty Fellowships (Friday after Labor Day)

Recommendations for 3rd Year Appointments Due to Academic Affairs


Begin next Summer & Fall Schedule Preparations

P&T Documents Due to Department Chairs & Committees. (October 1)

Textbook Orders and Adjunct Appointments for Spring

P&T Documents to Deans (End of October)


P&T Documents to Academic Affairs & IUK Campus Committee (1st Week Nov.)

Official Notice of Non-reappointment to Third Year (Mid Nov.)

Advanced Registration for Spring Semester

Instructional Effort Reports for Fall Semester


P&T Recommendations to Academic Vice Chancellor (1st Week December)

Final Schedule Proofs for next Summer & Fall

Recommendations for 2nd Year Appointments Due to Academic Affairs

Review Student Evaluations of Fall Adjuncts

P&T Recommendations to Chancellor (End of Semester)


Registration For Spring Semester (W, R After January 2)

December Degree Certification

Annual Reports Due

Official Notice of Non-reappointment to Second Year (End of Jan.)

Order Academic Profile Exam For Seniors


Begin Next Spring Schedule Preparation

May/June/August Degree Candidate Forms Due

Tentative Graduation Distinction List Due

Textbook Orders And Adjunct Appointments For Summer I & 11

P&T Recommendations to President

Begin Formal Review of 3rd Year Faculty


Chair's Evaluations of Faculty & Staff Due (End of March)

Recommendations for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Year Appointments Due

Budget Evaluation and Preparation

Honor's Day Award Information to Academic Affairs

Order ETS Major Field Tests for April Administration


List of Potential Outside Reviewers for next Year's P&T Due (April 1)

Instructional Effort Reports for Spring Semester

Advanced Registration for Summer & Fall Semesters

Major Field Tests for Various Departments

Official Notice of Non-reappointment of Resident Faculty for 3rd-7th Year (End of April)


Certify Graduates

Registration SSI (Thursday Before Commencement)

Honors Day (Saturday Before Commencement)

Commencement (Tuesday Afternoon)

Review Student Evaluations of Spring Adjuncts

Textbook Orders for Fall Semester


Last Schedule Proofs For Spring Semester

Budget Approved by the Board

Registration for SSII (Thursday of Third Week)

Adjunct Appointments for Fall Semester

New Student Orientation and Advanced Registration