Intercampus Transfer Procedures

Students must meet the intercampus guidelines of the campus they wish to transfer.

Students may access the intercampus transfer application on the following web sites:

Transferring FROM the Kokomo campus to another IU campus

Check with your present advisor to discuss eligibility requirements to transfer to another campus.

Access one of the web sites above. Complete the intercampus transfer application and route to the appropriate campus.

The receiving campus will notify students if they have been accepted to that campus.

List of contact Offices:

Fort Wayne:

Transferring to the Kokomo Campus

Check your present campus to discuss eligibility requirements to transfer.

Meet with your present academic advisor to discuss academic preparation, grades, etc. needed for intercampus transfer.

Access web site and complete the online intercampus transfer application.
Registrar's office -- Temporary transfer
University Division -- Permanent transfer

Advisor from the appropriate major will contact the student regarding the status of a permanent transfer to Indiana University Kokomo.

Registrar's office will contact the student regarding the status of temporary transfer.