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Please complete this form two weeks prior to the event

Please note: Hospitality Request Forms only need to be completed when using a University Account to pay for the expenses. Otherwise, check no if you are using a direct bill or foundation account. If you are using university funds your hospitality request should be completed and signed by the Director of Budget Administration before submitting a food service request. All fields are required for you to fill in, if they do not apply to your event please enter an n/a in that field.

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Delivery - Disposable wares and serving wares (pans, utensils etc). With delivery, party is responsible for clean up and disposable of food. We do not return. In some, cases on campus we return for airpots, serving platters etc if they are not disposable. Delivery service on campus does not have a delivery fee. No servers come with this service.

Full service -- Servers are included as well as chafers, non-disposable service wares (platters, serving utensils). Table service can be disposable or china. Within full service the following types of banquets are available:

Dietary restrictions