Statement from Interim Chancellor Sciame-Giesecke

Diversity and Affirmative Action

            Welcome to Indiana University Kokomo.  Our campus is committed to diversity and equity. We offer an array of diverse programs, services, and programs to serve all students, faculty, and staff. We promote academic excellence and student success through our programs and services.

            This year we had the highest enrollment of minority students in the history of our campus.  The administration, faculty, and staff of the campus are dedicated to a mission statement that embraces diversity as a key value of the campus. The IUK community demonstrates its commitment to diversity by providing a safe, warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment that promotes integrity and respect among all members of the campus community and by valuing shared governance and civil disclosure. We also have charged the Campus Diversity Committee with improving outcomes of diversity.  Our new campus strategic plan focuses on key goals related to campus leadership, climate, curriculum, and the representation and recruitment of minority students, faculty, and staff. We also support, the Chancellor’s Diversity Award, for outstanding service to the campus.

            The administration has adopted policies and procedures to assist in affirmative hiring opportunities. We are committed to hiring a diverse administration, faculty, and staff. We will continue to ensure that all students, faculty, and staff are free from discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, color, disability, marital status, natural origin, or veteran status in the recruiting and hiring process and all aspects of campus life at Indiana University Kokomo.

            We recognize that we live in a diverse society. Our ability to live and work together in a global world is a top priority for our campus community.

Dr. Susan Sciame-Giesecke
Indiana University Kokomo