Fee Waiver Procedures

The Office of the Bursar will consider fee refund requests due to involuntary withdrawals where the enrollment record donates W's or correspondingly the enrollment record reflects FNN resulting in non-attendance. Unless substantiated with medical or other extraordinary circumstances, non-attendance is NOT considered valid for this purpose. Appeals based on not knowing procedures or dates, forgetting, personal time conflicts (employment), are seldom approved. Normally, such requests are not granted for more than one term.

In order to be considered for a refund or waiver of fees, a student must:

  • Submit the request within one year following the close of the term in question. Include name, address, student ID, semester and course(s) for the student making the request. Requests must be submitted by the student; requests on behalf of a student will be considered if submitted by a parent or guardian where the student is incapacitated.
  • Provide a written summary with documentation* which describes the circumstances resulting in involuntary withdrawal or in the case of FNN letter grade, detail not only the circumstances, but substantiate that classes were never attended.
  • Record last date of attendance. Note: Faculty are required to indicate on grade rosters the last date of attendance, if a student has not officially withdrawn.
  • Contact the Financial Aid office before submitting any fee refund requests as any changes to their account could affect their Financial Aid Award and place the student in repayment.


The review process requires documentation. For example, a claim of unexpected illness or injury should be supported by a letter from a physician. Similarly, if a student has experienced a death in the immediate family, a death certificate or newspaper clipping must be provided with evidence of student's relationship to the deceased.

Once all documentation is in order, the Bursar will consider the fee waiver. The student will be advised of the decision within 2-4 weeks at their address on record with the Office of the Registrar. If the decision is denied by the Bursar, the student may appeal that decision to a Committee for their review. A committee review is the final step in an appeal process.

Committee Review

A five member committee comprised of student service staff members, a faculty member, a staff member not connected with student services, and one student will review appeals and will meet on an as-needed basis. A guiding principle in review is "student responsibility". From the IU Kokomo Bulletin: "Knowing and adhering to the rules and regulations is an obligation of each student as a member of the IU Kokomo Community." From the Schedule of Classes: "All students are expected to be familiar with such rules and regulations as stated in the class schedule and the bulletin." Every student should be familiar with The Registration Agreement, which covers the student's responsibility for paying for course fees or notifying the University if they decide not to attend.

Mail or bring your documentation to:

Indiana University Kokomo
Office of the Bursar, KC205
P. O. Box 9003
Kokomo, IN 46904-9003

Fee Refund Exception Form (pdf)