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Refund Policy

The Office of the Bursar conducts all of its business directly with the student. Just as monthly charges are listed in the student's name, so are any course withdrawals that might produce a refund. Therefore, refund checks are drawn in the name of the student and mailed to the address on file with the registrar.

If you officially withdraw from a course, refunds are made according to the schedule below. All refunds will be mailed to your home address unless you have signed up for Direct Deposit. Be sure to keep your address current by using OneStart® or by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

Direct Deposit of Refunds

You can have your refund deposited directly into your personal checking or savings account and greatly reduce the time it takes to receive your refund. To arrange for direct deposit, login to OneStart®, go to "Student Self-Service," and then select "Direct Deposit Sign up" under the "Services & Information" section on the left side of the page and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Refund Appeal Procedure

Students may appeal their refund calculation if there are significant or unusual circumstances that have caused their involuntary withdrawal from classes after the refund period. Appeals must be submitted within one year of the appealed term. Contact the Office of the Bursar to request a Waiver of Fee Form.  The form can be found here.

Should a request be denied by the Bursar, students can appeal the decision to the Fee Appeal Committee (in writing) if they have additional documentation to support their case. The Committee makes the final decision, and this is the last step for the student in the appeal process.