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If you need extra help with your classes, IU Kokomo's Writing Center or the Mathematics Laboratory are the places to go.

Located in the Library, Room 128, the Writing Center is a free resource for IU Kokomo students which provides assistance in writing assignments and papers for any class, i.e., psychology, sociology, English. The Center also offers tutoring for student taking Spanish courses at IU Kokomo. Resources available at the Writing Center include: textbooks for W131, W 132, S121; dictionaries and thesaurus; handbooks on grammar usage; essay anthologies; and guides for writing research papers or technical papers. Students who need assistance in writing or Spanish can make a half-hour appointment for tutoring by calling (765) 455-9425, or stop by during office hours to see if a tutor is available.

Writing Center Hours: Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

The IU Kokomo Mathematics Laboratory is located in the basement of the Main Building, Room 048. Students who are enrolled in M007, M117, M125, M118, and M119 are encouraged to make use of the services provided by the lab. One-on-one tutoring appointments and group study sessions are available for students in M007, M117, and M125. Study sessions are offered throughout the week for students in M118 and M119. The lab has computers available for completing the online homework and quizzes assigned in M007, M117, and M125 and there is always a tutor on duty to assist the students working on the online homework. Visit the lab or call (765) 455-9587 to reserve an appointment for a tutoring session or to get the study session schedule.

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