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New CVO Regulation

New CVO Regulations

Effective Fall 2005

In 2001, the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana (SSACI) became responsible for managing the Child of Certain Veterans and Public Safety Officers (CVO) fee remission program. This action was sanctioned by the Indiana General Assembly to provide consistent administration, uniform billing and payment procedures, and a centralized eligibility reporting database to the CVO program.

Prior to 2001, the CVO program was not centrally administered. Indiana institutions were individually responsible for remitting fees and tracking eligibility accurately. This raised several issues regarding student eligibility and processing procedures.

  • There was no central reporting system in place to track the historical CVO hours used by students or to indicate when students reached the 124 credit hour maximum.
  • There was no uniform procedure for collecting and tracking residency information for students or veterans.
  • There was no process for verifying the relationship between the student and the veteran.
  • There was no system to identify students who were in overpayment or default of federal aid.
  • Students were potentially eligible for other state and/or federal aid but had not filed a FAFSA.
  • In order to combat the issues and concerns raised prior to 2001, SSACI has initiated a number of new processing procedures and eligibility guidelines to regulate the CVO program.
  • Students seeking CVO benefits are required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for each year they wish to receive CVO. (The March 10 FAFSA filing deadline does not apply to student applying for CVO.) This will not only allow students to be considered for other state and/or federal aid, but it will also allow Indiana institutions to determine residency, verify the veteran-student relationship, and identify students who are in default or overpayment of federal aid.
  • The student's FAFSA must be clean. This means that all errors and SSACI edits that could affect a student's eligibility for state or federal aid must be cleared. This does not include SSACI edits dealing with the FAFSA filing deadline, the eligibility time limit for SSACI grants, or the first time undergraduate student.
  • Students must not be in default of a government loan or in overpayment on a government grant.
  • Students must meet the residency requirements of the Indiana institution they are attending. (Non-resident students admitted into the CVO program prior to July 1, 2005 will be grandfathered in if they received CVO in the 2004-05 academic year.)
  • The veteran must have, at some time, been a resident of Indiana for 36 consecutive months.
  • Students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.
  • Awards will not be made retroactively. Once a semester is complete, CVO award can no longer be made.

NOTE: From 7/1/05 through 6/30/06, the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs only considered new applications from dependents of veterans with disabilities greater than zero percent. As of 7/1/06, applications from dependents of veterans with disabilities of zero percent will again be considered.

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