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External Scholarships

Follow the links below to learn more about the available scholarships, requirements, and application information on external scholarships:

Army Health Professional Scholarships


        Must be US Citizen with Bachelor's Degree
        Be admitted or have letter of acceptance to Graduate Program
        Maintain full time status during entire program
        Qualify as a commissioned offier in US Army Reserve


SADCO Hispanic Scholarshipt 2014-2015

           Criteria                                Twenty Need based Scholarships $2,500 each
          GPA between 3.0 and 4.0 on a 4.0 scale
          Actual demonstrated need based on applicant and parent's 2013 federal tax returns
          Must be HISPANIC 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation
          Parents and student must be Indiana Resident
          Must complete the application process

April 20, 2014

Indiana Women's Edcuation Foundation


      See link above multiple scholarship opportunities
             Working Woman Scholarship
             Women in Transition scholarship
             Dr. Bertha Beazley Memorial Endowed Scholarship
             Lynn Rhoades Scholarship Fund
             Teaching Indiana's Future (Honoring Beverly Radeline)
             Applications available at the
                  web site

April 26, 2014

Indiana's TXT L8R Social Media contest


High school and college entries will be awarded separately, and up to three students may work together on the same social media account.

The state will deposit $5,000 into the 529 college savings plans for the winners of five categories:
1.    Twitter – most tweets, retweets and favorites
2.    Vine – most likes
3.    Vine – most creative
4.    Instagram – most likes
5.    Instagram – most creative

Post must be during April 2014


      Full or partime time seniro or graduate student
      Indiana resident at time of entry into college/university
      Majoring in human resources management, inductrial relationss, or business administration with human recources management concentration.

June 2, 2014


      Applicant must reside in Howardf County.
      Must be enrolled with a minimu of six credit hours per semester
      Must maintain a 2.5 GPA each semester
      Complete the application with a character reference (non relative), one page essay on why you want to purse your chosen study, transcript of grades.

June 2, 2014

Thermo Scientific Piece Scholarship

       Criteria                                    (2) $10,000 and (4) $5,000 scholarships

     Undergraduate or Graduate student with declared major in Bilogy; Biochemistry; or related life-science field
     Must have a 3.0 GPA
     Must be enrolled for the Fall 2014
     Must be legal residents of the United States


Aug 1, 2014



         Students must submit an essay of between 500 and 1,000 workds in answer to their posted question. 
       Submit essays to
       Must include full name and name of school attedning this year and your plans for hte next year.

Oct 6, 2014

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