Position Authorization Request Procedures

Procedures to Process a Position Authorization Request

Please follow the procedures listed below for completing all Indiana University Kokomo ** Position Authorization Request forms. 

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Approval to Recruit Process:

  1. Obtain Position Request Packet forms by clicking on the Hiring Procedures link on the menu at the left side of this page. The forms are available in PDF format for printing.
  2. Complete the Position Request Form, Support Costs, Search and Screen Committee and return these to the Affirmative Action Office.
  3. Signature of the requesting Unit/Department/Chairperson/Vice Chancellor  is required and should be completed before submitting to the Affirmative Action Secretary.
  4. Signatures of other required personnel will be obtained by the Affirmative Action office.
  5. Copies of the completed forms will be sent by Affirmative Action to the Department, H.R., Academic Affairs and any other persons or departments needing the information.

Process Following Approval:

  1. Files of the original information and any support paperwork will be compiled by Affirmative Action and maintained in the office for three years (i.e., Recruitment Plan, Advertisement listing, List of Applicants, Applicant Pool, Telephone Reference Checks, etc.). 
  2. Monitoring Forms should be forwarded to The Affirmative Action Secretary.  A LIST of all applicants for the position should be forwarded as well.  (This is needed to track the monitoring forms that are returned and do not include the position applied for.)
  3.  Offer letters (submitted by H.R. or the Department) a copy should be forwarded to the Affirmative Action Secretary upon completion.
  4. Acceptance/Rejection letter - a copy should be forwarded to AA Secretary upon receipt.
  5. Position Announcement – A copy should be forwarded to AA Secretary for filing.

**  NOTE:  All position requests (Faculty, Administrative, Support Staff, Physical Plant, etc.) should be forwarded to AA for record keeping purposes.  Any questions regarding these procedures should be directed to the AA Officer or the Director of Human Resources.