Retention Reports

Retention reports do not include Purdue Statewide Technology students unless otherwise noted.

Retention reports look to determine if students that are members of a specific fall cohort are still enrolled within the IU system, not retained within a specific program. If students have not returned to the IU Kokomo campus but are enrolled elsewhere in the IU System or if they have completed their course of study and graduated, they are counted for the purpose of these studies as having been retained.

Cohort refers to the incoming recently admitted beginner and outside transfer starting in a specific term. The cohort does not include students transferring in from other IU campuses. The Fall Cohort includes students admitted for both the summer and fall terms and in attendance at fall census.

The Academic Term code consists of 4 digits, i.e. 4098. The first position indicates the century - "4" indicates 2000. The middle two numbers indicate the year - "09", while the last number indicates the term - "2' (spring), "5" (summer), and "8" (fall). Thus 4098 indicates the fall term of 2009. You may occasionally notice term codes ending in "4" or "6". Prior to PeopleSoft Implementation in Fall 2004, the summer sessions were treated as two separate terms and indicated by the use of "4" for 1st summer and "6" for 2nd summer.


Persistence to Second Semester

Persistence to Second Year

Persistence to Third Year

Persistence to Fourth Year

Persistence to Fifth Year
  • 4058 Cohort
  • 4068 Cohort