Echo 360 Lecture Capture

What is Echo 360?

Automated and easy to use, Echo360 captures the teaching already occurring in your classroom and turns it into a digital format ready for students to review and use in their studies.

By recording and editing your course content, then publishing it through the EchoCenter students can play back lectures and access class materials, anytime, anywhere from any Web-enabled device.

Flexible access

In their daily lives, students are used to accessing the information they want from anywhere. Echo360 brings this familiar routine to education. Echo360 delivers learning to the mobile student.

Streamlined Materials to Reference

In the battle of lecture replay vs studying lecture notes, the replay wins for students every time. Instructors can capture content before class as well as all the action during class for students to review afteward - rather than scrawled, half-understood notes.

Real-time, real-life reports

Analytic tools let instructors and students alike track not only progress but understanding more accurately and clearly than before. Result: fewer misunderstandings and an enhanced ability to tailer content and reviews to real needs.

How Does it Work?

I'm Interested. How Do I Get Started?

We recommend that you start by contacting the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CTLA) for a short hand-on session to best equip you to start out with lecture capture. Echo 360 is very hands-off once everything is set up, and CTLA can best assist you in determining how to best integrate it into your courses.

Is Echo 360 Available In My Classroom?

Classroom Technology Services is working to enable the ability to use classroom capture in all of our STC classrooms, however, it may take some time to fully make the transition. Generally, all classrooms that contain an All-in-One style PC should be enabled for lecture capture. If you would like to check or have questions about which rooms are currently enabled, please contact the UITS Kokomo Support Center.