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UITS-Kokomo IT Training provides training services to students, faculty, and staff... at NO CHARGE!

Now is the time to develop and improve those skills that will be necessary to start your future career! If you are experiencing problems and need help with your technology skills, IT Training provides tutoring on the topics most important for your success as a student: One.iu and Onestart, Canvas and Oncourse, IUware and IUanyWare, IU Box cloud storage, IU Kokomo Student E-mail, the Microsoft Office Suite, and the Adobe CS tools.  Many convenient tutoring options are available, and they are all available at  NO CHARGE!!!  Instructor-Led Training Workshops, One-on-One Tutoring, Online Tutorials, and!  Check out all of our training options and tutorials below!

The mission statement of UITS-Kokomo IT Training is: We remove technology roadblocks to enable academic and work-related student success!

NOTE:  The tutorials that we write for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff, are intellectual property of Indiana University.  Because these documents are stored on a secure server, users are required to log in and authenticate with university credentials (username and passphrase) to access these documents.  If a Log in dialog box similar to the one shown below displays, the username must be specified as "ads\username" (double-quotes omitted)... the characters "ads\" must precede the username, as shown below.  Then, enter the associated passphrase and click OK.

Windows Security Log in Dialog Box

TRAINING DOCUMENTATION for course-based projects...

Assignments and projects in college courses include research papers, presentations, project displays, collaboration with class members and instructors, Web site projects... not to mention totally online classes... to name a few.  UITS-Kokomo IT Training provides a wide variety of tutorials targeted to these and other assignment deliverables. Scroll down and check out each link for detailed information! All of these tutorials provide step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

Rather than struggling with the "I need to create this for my assignment, but I don't know how...?!?", UITS-Kokomo IT Training encourages all students to seek one-on-one tutoring assistance on any of these topics.

NOTE:  If you find that you have difficulty with the tutorials and need additional instruction, contact us at the UITS-Kokomo IT Training Center in the IU Kokomo Library, 2nd floor, Room KA-221, or phone us at (765) 455-9589.  The IT Training staff will be happy to assist you.  

Canvas is replacing Oncourse

Indiana University is transitioning away from Oncourse, and replacing it with Canvas.  Beginning in Summer 2014, students will begin to see some of their courses hosted in Canvas instead of Oncourse.  Students may also experience a "mix"... some courses in Canvas and some in Oncourse.  Students need training on how to use Canvas, and for that there are training links below.  Please check out these Canvas training links and learn how to use the new learning management system.

Canvas guides and tutorials are available at

This "Canvas guides" page has training resources for both students and faculty.  If you are a student, please focus on the student tutorials.  If you are a faculty member who is learning to use Canvas, please focus on the instructor resources. 

If you are a student and have any questions about Canvas or Oncourse, contact us at the UITS-Kokomo IT Training Center in the IU Kokomo Library, 2nd floor, Room KA-221, or phone us at (765) 455-9589.  The IT Training staff will be happy to assist you.

If you are a faculty member, please contact Cherie Dodd for assistance (, 765-455-9534). 

This tutorial on Canvas will be updated periodically as new information becomes available.

Research Papers... Citation and Bibliography Tools

Whether you write research papers in APA style, MLA style, Chicago style, or even Harvard or Turabian styles, by using an electronic tool you can save 90% of the time that you spend when manually adding the bibliography page and in-text citations to research papers!  Please don't add the bibliography and citations in "old school" typewriter style - character-by-character!  Use an electronic tool!  Let the IT Training Center staff show you how!

Students have many options for managing the citations and bibliographies of their research papers. 

Manually – Managing citations and bibliographies by hand is the most time consuming method.  This is no better than using a manual typewriter.  Hand typing and comparing to a style guide is time consuming and error prone.

But, it preferable to use a tool!  There are many tools available from which students can choose.  For example:

Microsoft Word has a built-in Citations and Bibliography tool: Here are two tutorials describing how to use Word for research papers and management of citations and sources:

How to… Configure a Word document for either APA or MLA style  (Login required)

How to… Use the Citation & Bibliography tool in Word 2010  (Login required)

PERRLA is a low-cost commercial add-in product to Microsoft Word:   PERRLA is highly recommended to IU Kokomo Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) students for their academic papers.  The product is an add-in to Microsoft Word, and is available for both Windows and Mac versions of Microsoft Office.  PERRLA is relatively inexpensive and is available for both APA and MLA styles; click HERE for current pricing.  Check out the "expandable" PERRLA topic below on this Web page for more information about using PERRLA.

EndNote is an excellent product that enables a seamless flow through the research process with flexible tools for searching, organizing and sharing your research, creating your bibliography and writing your paper.  Hours can be saved as you build and maintain your reference library and bibliographies.  EndNote is available for Windows or Mac computers at NO CHARGE to the IU community through IUware at: and searching for “EndNote”. To view online tutorials for EndNote, go to:  

Zotero ( The Zotero tool comes in two forms: A Web browser plug-in for Firefox and a stand-alone tool.  Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.  For online training and support for Zotero, go to:  

As we learn of more recommended tools, they will be listed here.  Remember… Using a tool will improve your paper, and save you hours of frustration when managing citations and sources!  For assistance, contact UITS-Kokomo IT Training Center in the IU Kokomo Library, 2nd floor, Room KA-221, or phone us at (765) 455-9589.

PERRLA Citation and Bibliography Tool

The IU Kokomo Master of Science in Nursing program (MSN) highly recommends that their students use PERRLA for managing the citations and bibliography in their academic papers.  To support these students and others using PERRLA, here are some links to important information:


PERRLA APA Software -

PERRLA MLA Software -

PERRLA Help Center -

Working with PERRLA may bring other questions.  Here are some specific tutorials that might be of interest to students using PERRLA:

Reset hyperlinks in Word.  PERRLA disables active hyperlinks in Word.  PERRLA is designed to format links in a Word document to conform to the APA and MLA style standards, which means that links to Web documents will be non-active, and not blue and underlined.  If you want active hyperlinks in Word documents other than APA or MLA papers, they must be re-enabled.  Here’s the procedure to do that: Reset hyperlinks in Word.  Remember that PERRLA disables active hyperlinks in Word, they must be re-enabled to be active.   

Posters... Printing Large Format Posters for Projects and Symposiums

Print course project and symposium posters (typically 36" x 48") in beautiful color!  Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the posters and then print the posters on the HP DesignJet 4520 Multi-function printer in the Library Learning Commons!  Printing the posters is very cost competitive compared to printing them at local commercial businesses!

How to... Create a large format poster in PowerPoint and print it on the IUK poster printer!  (Login required)

Need assistance?  Get with IT Training!  We will help you GET IT RIGHT the first time!

Presentations... Multimedia PowerPoint presentations

Create terrific PowerPoint presentations for course projects that incorporate audio narrative clips, music clips, videos, timed slides, and all PowerPoint graphic effects into presentations that run as stand-alone multimedia presentation!  Terrific for course projects!

How to... Create a multimedia presentation with embedded autio clips and timed slide transitions  (Login required)

ePortfolios on Google Sites (Education)

Here are some good tutorial documents and Youtube videos for learning how to create and manage ePortfolios on Google Sites.  Click on the link to view the tutorial.

A brief introduction video (Google)

Google Sites Help Center

Web-based navigable tutorial (Mary Fran's "Getting Started with Google Sites")

Google Sites Tutorial for Education (Youtube)

Also, by searching the Web for "Google Sites tutorials" will lead to more tutorials that may be helpful.

Podcasts... Using Audacity for Podcasts

Learn how to record voice narratives and trim/clip music files, save them as MP3 files, and then embed the files into multimedia PowerPoint presentations.

Here is a tutorial for downloading and installing Audacity including how to install the required LAME MP3 encoder plugin.  This tutorial is a "Draft", and will be updated soon.

To learn how to embed audio clips in PowerPoint presentations, look at the tutorial section above "Presentations... Multimedia PowerPoint presentations".  That section has a tutorial on embedded audio clips in PowerPoint presentations.  


Brochures & Tri-folds... Create professional-quality tri-folds with Microsoft Publisher

Learn how to make professional-quality tri-folds and brochures using Microsoft Publisher.  These "handout" products are great for advertising products and services, and for making handouts for end of semester projects in class or for research symposiums!

Tutorial: TBD... coming soon!

Web pages... Indiana University "Mypage" server = Mercury server

To gain access, and to be able to use the Mypage server at, it is necessary to set up an account on the Mercury server. To set up an account on the Mercury server, go to and follow the simple steps below:

1. Open a Web browser and go to
2. On the “Welcome to the Account Management Service at Indiana University” page, click on the Manage my IU computing accounts link.
3. Log in using your credentials (IU Kokomo computing account username and passphrase).
4. On the next page, click on the create more accounts: link.
5. On the next page, scroll down and select the Mypage/Mercury option.
6. Click the Create Account button.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for your Mercury account to be created. You will not have access to the Mypage/Mercury server until your account has been created. If you are experiencing trouble creating and accessing your Mypage/Mercury account, please contact us at the UITS-Kokomo IT Training Center in the IU Kokomo Library, 2nd floor, Room KA-221, or phone us at (765) 455-9589.  The IT Training staff will be happy to assist you.

Reference documents on the IU Knowledge Base:
"At IU, what is Mercury?"
"At IU, what is Mypage, and how can I publish a Web page there?"
"At IU, how do I remove my personal Web page?"

"At IU, what is the policy for information on personal web pages?

For more information about creating Web pages on the Mypage/Mercury server, go to the Indiana University UITS (University Information Technology Services) Knowledge Base and search for the keywords mypage and mercury.

Web pages... FTP Client to upload personal Web content to IU "Mypage" server (Mercury)

To upload personal Web content to an established account on the "Mypage" (Mercury) server, students use an FTP client. 

On campus workstations, the AnyClient FTP client is installed in both the Windows environment and the Mac OS environment. 

To download the AnyClient FTP client to personal laptops, students can click this link <AnyClient> and download/install the client from IUware.

Here is a tutorial for using the AnyClient FTP client: How to... Use the AnyClient FTP client to upload Web content to the IU "Mypage" (Mercury) Web server

Annotating PDF documents with Adobe Reader X

Annotate PDF documents (for example, journal articles!) with text highlighting and sticky note comments and then save the document with those embedded annotations.  No longer do you have to print out journal articles on paper and use a highlighter marker and Post 'em notes to annotate the article... do it electronically!  Save paper... Go GREEN!  This is a new feature of Adobe Reader X!

Here are two good tutorials to get you started...

Adding annotations to PDF documents in Adobe Reader X
Using the Text Commenting Tools

... Turn on your speakers to listen to these tutorials!  (Adobe Acrobat User Community)

Courseload - eTexts at Indiana University

Indiana University, and IU Kokomo, are rapidly transitioning to the use of eTexts.  eTexts are course textbooks accessed online.  The cost of eTexts to students is a very cost effective alternative to traditional hardcopy textbooks.  UITS IT-Training provides one-on-oe support and assistance to students as they make the transition to the new eText format.  Here are some informative links to get started:

Let's Find Out - What are eTexts?
Want to try Courseload? You can access Courseload, IU's eTextbook reader, via Oncourse by joining the practice site!
eTexts Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Courseload Help!

Here are additional links for detailed reference on the IU Knowledge Base:

What is Courseload?
Getting started with Courseload
Using Courseload with eTexts
Courseload: Help contents
Using Courseload offline
At IU, how can I use Internet Explorer to access Courseload?

Library - E-books and Library online databases

The IU Kokomo Library provides access to online E-books from a variety of providers, both subscription-based and free.  All of these E-books are accessible via standard Web browsers (e.g. IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.).  If you have questions about how to find, read, and/or download E-books from our Library databases, please contact a Librarian at our Ask a Librarian services desk.

NOOK - Barnes & Noble eTexts

Some course eTexts are made available through Barnes & Noble and their NOOK facility.

Click HERE for the link to the Barnes & Noble Nook Support page, which provides support for various NOOK devices. 

IUanyWARE... Installing the CITRIX Receiver and installing IUanyWARE applications!

Do some of your classes use software from the IUanyWARE site?

IUanyWARE is a new channel through which students, faculty, and staff at Indiana University can access the software applications that they need for work and for classes.

IUanyWARE is a client virtualization service that allows you to run centrally located software over a network. Through the use of the Citrix Receiver, applications may be delivered to a window on your personal computer or on a variety of mobile devices.

Some of the IUanyWARE applications are for use by all students, faculty, and staff, others are restricted to certain groups (students only, or faculty and staff only), and some applications are restricted for use by certain IU courses. 

To use software from IUanyWARE, it is first required that the CITRIX Receiver be installed on your computer.  Click the link below to go through the tutorial to install the CITRIX Receiver client and begin using IUanyWARE...

How to... Install and use the CITRIX Receiver and install IUanyWARE applications!  (Login required)

Cloud storage for IU students, faculty, and staff... 50GB of FREE online storage!

What is Box at IU?

The IU Box service provides a simple, secure way to store and share files and folders online - in the Cloud!  Box consolidates your content in a single location, easily accessible from anywhere, on any device. You can create files and folders, share them using a direct link, invite others to collaborate, and continue to revise and review your content.

For more information about Box at IU click on this link:  About Box at IU

Here is the tutorial for setting up and using IU Box:  Uploading Files to IU Box

For one-on-one assistance with this great cloud storage system or any other technology issue, contact us at the UITS-Kokomo IT Training Center in the IU Kokomo Library, 2nd floor, Room KA-221, or phone us at (765) 455-9589.  The IT Training staff will be happy to assist you.    

Second Life at IU Kokomo!

Some Fall 2012 online courses will be conducted completely in the Second Life environment.  Some or all of the class meetings during a semester will be online in the Second Life environment.

From the IU Kokomo Newsroom: "Art professor teaches first class in virtual campus" - July 13, 2012

Here are some informational pages to help you get started in Second Life!

Preliminary setup information for Second Life and Skype...

Go to the Second Life home page!

Get prepared! - System Requirements (Second Life Support Article)
Get Help with Second Life!
(Second Life Support Help page)
Second Life Quickstart
(Second Life Knowledge Base Article)
Second Life KNOWLEDGE BASE (All the information you'll ever need about the Second Life virtual environment!)

Go to the Skype home page!

Set up a FREE Skype account here (Skype Article)
Get Help with Skype! (Skype Support Page)
Support for Windows and Mac users (Skype Support Page)

The "Setting up your Second Life and Skype accounts" tutorial below describes how to set up your Second Life and Skype accounts, and how to install necessary software for those services. 

NOTE:  For these Second Life "SKILLS" tutorials... You'll have to log in with your IU CAS credentials to get these tutorials; remember to add "ads\" prior to your username!

Setting up and installing Second Life - This tutorial provides instructions for setting up Second Life account and viewer. (Login required)
Getting Around in Second Life - This tutorial shows how to walk, run, fly, sit down, teleport, change your avatar, find friends, etc. (Login required)

For more information on Second Life at Indiana University... visit the link below:

IU Second Life - The Official IUSL Campus Website ... This IU SL Web site contains important links and KB articles! It also contains a link to the Second Life "Grid Status" Web site which has important system notices about Second Life.

For information about Second Life at Indiana University, contact Greg Ogle at the UITS-Kokomo IT Training Center in the IU Kokomo Library, 2nd floor, Room KA-221, or phone us at (765) 455-9589.  The IT Training staff will be happy to assist you.

Digital Media Center Resources (Library, Room KA-120)

The Digital Media Center is located in the IU Kokomo Library, Room KA-120 (1st floor).  The Digital Media Center contains equipment necessary to create both Podcasts and Vodcasts, and to create other multimedia projects.  Associated with the Digital Media Center is an HP DesignJet 4520mfp Large Format Printer capable of producing posters up to 42 inches wide x the required length.  Students may print posters through their IU Print accounts.  For assistance, contact us at the UITS-Kokomo IT Training Center in the IU Kokomo Library, 2nd floor, Room KA-221, or phone us at (765) 455-9589.  The IT Training staff will be happy to assist you.

Equipment Tutorials and Documentation:

Mac OS versus Windows:  The Macintosh Workstations in the Digital Media Center are capable of operating in either the Mac OS environment or the Windows environment.  The full complement of software applications is available on both Mac OS and Windows environments. It is very easy to switch between environments if you prefer one over the other.  The systems are dual-bootable through Boot Camp.  All that is needed is a simple "Restart" to choose between the two operating systems. 

Equipment User Guides:

Mac 101:  Get started with the Mac - An excellent tutorial on the Mac OS for new users.
Switch 101: Migrate to Mac
- An excellent tutorial for Windows users switching to Mac OS.

Onyx 1220i 12-Channel Premium Analog Mixer with FireWire ... User Manual

Novation SL MkII 49-Key Midi Controller ... User Manual

Novation Automap Software and Automap Hardware drivers ... User Manual

Alesis USB Podcasting Kit ... User Manual (N/A)

M-Audio Studiophile BX5a Deluxe Studio Reference Monitors ... User Manual (N/A)

Sure SM7B Vocal Microphone ... User Manual

Sony MDR-7506 Headphones ... User Manual (N/A)

Wacom intuos4 Tablet ... User Manual

JVC HD Video Camera ... User Manual

HP 5590 Flatbed Scanner ... User Manual


If you need assistance, please contact us at the UITS-Kokomo IT Training Center in the IU Kokomo Library, 2nd floor, Room KA-221, or phone us at (765) 455-9589.  The IT Training staff will be happy to assist you.