Web Services / Managers

Department Web Manager(s)
Academic Advising Nicole Miller & Tara Bass
Administration and Finance
Admissions Allison Foust
Advancement Brittney Cole
Affirmative Action Marsha Shaw
Allied Health Sciences John Hughey and Joyce Webb
Alumni Association Ryan Bowman
Art Gallery Susan Skoczen
Athletics Whitney Farris
Budget Administration Philemon Yeibi
Bursar Julie Byers
Business Dmitriy Chulkov
Campus Life/Student Activities Bev Ringeisen
IU Campus Police
Career Services/Disability Services Sheryl Phillips
Center for Educational Partnership Dr. Shirley Aamidor
Communications page Chris Darr
Cougar café
CTLA Cherie Dodd & Kathy Ross
Development Brittney Cole
Campus Diversity Maria Ahmad
Event Planning Tara Scott
Faculty Senate Chris Darr
Financial Aid John Delaney
Havens Auditorium Jeff Gegner
Human Resources Nancy Larkin
Humanities & Social Sciences Erik Deerly & Scott Jones
Information Technology Services Kathy Kennedy
Institutional Research
International  Donna McLean
Labor Studies
Leadership Andrew Jones & Mike Glassburn
Liberal Studies Netty Provost
Library Angie Thorpe & Ms. Yan He, Diane Bever, Rhonda Armstrong
Math Lab Barb Sehr
Media and Marketing Andrew Jones & Mike Glassburn
Nursing Dinah Downhour
Office of Information Management Norma Fewell
Office of Student Affairs LeeAnn Mulkey
Office of the Chancellor
Orientation Tara Bass
Physical Plant
Professional staff council Cheryl Schlemmer
Psychology Christina Downey
Public Admin & Health Management
Registrar Tina Stone
Research and Grants
ROTC Aaron Bird
School of Sciences LuAnn Name
Service Learning Melissa Grabner-Hagen
Sociology, History, & Political Science (SHPS) Andrew McFarland
Staff council Kathy Kennedy
Student Success Center Tara Bass
Testing Center Tara Bass
The Well House Erik Deerly 
Writing Center Tara Bass