Math Lab

Due to the Main Building construction, the IU Kokomo Math Lab will be located in Hunt Hall, Room SM201 starting Monday, May 18.

  • The Math Lab provides a variety of services for students enrolled in those courses that utilize the MyMathLab website: SSCI-S100, M104, M105 and M125/MA153.

    The Math Lab is equipped with computers for completing the online homework and quizzes for SSCI-S100, M104, M105, and M125 and has expert tutors on hand to provide immediate assistance.

          Description of services for SSCI-S100, M104, M105 and M125

          Click here for troubleshooting suggestions if you are having difficulty accessing your MyMathLab course.

  •  Lab hours:
    • During the fall and spring semesters the lab is open Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 8:15 pm and Friday, 10 am to 2:15 pm. 
    • Summer Session hours are posted on the lab hours page .
    • Summer Session services for students in M118, M126/MA154, M133/M134, and K310/STAT301 vary depending on the class schedule and tutor availability.
  • Are you interested in working in the IU Kokomo math lab as a tutor? Eligibility criteria are on page 3 of the tutoring application. Bring your completed application to the lab, or follow the instructions in the application to mail it to the lab coordinator.

For more information on any of these services, you are invited to stop by the lab or you can contact the lab by phone or email.

IU Kokomo Math Lab