• Marie Radel
        Marie Radel
        KO 127
        (765) 455-9468
      • Tom Wise
        Tom Wise
        Creative Services Manager
        KO 127
        (765) 455-9579
      • Terri Hellmann
        Terri Hellmann
        Graphic Specialist
        KO 127
        (765) 455-9409
      • Danielle Rush
        Danielle Rush
        Communications Specialist
        KO 124
        (765) 455-9414
        About Danielle...

        Danielle Rush joined Indiana University Kokomo in December 2011, as communications specialist. She is the writer for the Office of Media and Marketing, creating press releases and other publications. Danielle also develops relationships with media in the IU Kokomo region, to help tell the campus story.

        Danielle Rush graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in May 1993. She was a middle school English teacher, and then a journalist, before joining IU Kokomo. She currently coordinates the Rotary Reads program for the Early Risers Rotary Club of Kokomo, serves on the Board of Directors for Eastern Howard Youth Baseball, and is a Cub Scout leader.

      • Michael Glassburn
        Michael Glassburn
        Social Media
        KO 131
        (765) 455-9012
        About Michael...

        A 2010 alumnus of Indiana University Kokomo, Mike Glassburn earned a bachelor's in New Media Communications and is the second to graduate from said coveted program. Three months after graduation, he landed his dream job as a Venti White Mocha Frappuccino coffee tester, and at the same time, the marketing department at IU Kokomo decided he was the perfect candidate to create state-of-the-art and engaging videos to help tell the campus' story. Aside from producing video and testing his favorite coffee, he spends his time working with social media, building graphics, and updating the homepage at In his spare time, he is a geek at heart. He loves watching science documentaries with his wife, Holly and their four cats, playing bass guitar, and traveling to new places with friends.

        Things that describe me:

        • Geek
        • Musician
        • Caffeine addict
        • Documentary filmmaker
        • Science lover
        • Philosopher
        • Humanist
        • Hippy
      • Gail Daggett
        Gail Daggett
        Administrative Secretary
        KO 127
        (765) 455-9457
      • Alisha Referda
        Alisha Referda
        Visual Communications and Graphic Specialist