The Regional Leadership Institute has had and is involved with a number of events.

May Retreat
We met May 7th and 8th at the IUPUI Conference Center. Here is a summary of the meeting. As part of the retreat, Scott Massey spoke on Regionalism in Times of Change. The retreat was mentioned in a message from Lt. Governor Skillman, who also spoke at the retreat.

During the meeting, the group identified six strategies to begin work on in terms of regional projects.  A task force will be formed around each strategy.   The six strategies are:

Retreat Photo
  1. Strengthen education and workforce development to enhance 21st century talent
  2. Advance livable communities through effective infrastructure, transportation systems and cultural activities
  3. Create a regional mindset by developing regional leaders, regional stewardship, and a culture of collaboration
  4. Embrace diversity to build human capital and cultivate community
  5. Foster a prosperous economy through collaborative efforts and entrepreneurial innovation
  6. Ensure a sustainable environment

If you have not signed up to participate on a task force, please let Candy Thompson know which one(s) interest you.  The task force chairs will be contacting you soon.

You will also soon be contacted about book discussion group meetings.

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