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Chemical Spill or Radiation Release

Crisis Procedures

Chemical Spill or Radiation Release

In the event of a chemical spill or radiation release:

  • Immediately report the incident to the IUPD at extension 363 and give the location, material(s) involved, and the extent of any injuries.

  • IUPD will contact the appropriate emergency responders.

  • Activate the building fire alarm.

  • Evacuate the building and leave clear access for arriving emergency personnel.

  • Assist the disabled in exiting the building if possible, otherwise take note of their location and notify IUPD or responding emergency personnel of their location. Remember that elevators are reserved for disabled persons. Do not use elevators in case of fire. Do not panic.

  • If requested, assist emergency crews as necessary.

  • A campus incident command center may be set up near the emergency site.

  • Keep clear of the command center unless you have official business.

  • Do not return to an evacuated building unless told to do so by a university official.

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