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It is necessary to have an organized method by which to provide ample warning of the possibility of a tornado, and to respond in the event a tornado has been spotted or the campus is struck.


Tornado Watch:

A tornado watch indicates that weather conditions are such that a tornado could form. Normal activities may be continued, but alertness should be maintained for possible threatening conditions.


Tornado Warning:

A tornado warning indicates that a tornado has been sighted and that all persons should seek appropriate shelter immediately. Tornado warnings are typically 45 minutes in length.


Procedures to follow in the event of a tornado warning begin with the communications and warning system used by the city of Kokomo and Howard County. Sirens located in various parts of the city and county are used to alert citizens of a tornado warning. Although these sirens can be heard on some areas of the campus, they cannot be heard in all areas of the campus.


In the event that conditions become conducive for a tornado:
  • The IU Kokomo Police Department (IUPD) will assign one officer to monitor and track the storm.

  • When a tornado warning is issued: IUPD and Physical Plant Emergency Staff will go door to door to notify the building occupants of the warning.

  • When a warning sounds all persons should move to the designated Severe Weather Shelter Area, or at least to an inner area on the first floor (in an area where there are no windows, e.g. hallways, etc.).

  • When the warning is over, the IUPD will notify persons in each building by phone or in person.

The designated Severe Weather Shelter Areas are:
  • Early Outreach 1: Room 115

  • Early Outreach 2: Internal hall or inside a room away from glass

  • East Building: First floor hallway

  • Hunt Hall: Basement

  • Kelley Student Center: First floor, Room 130 A, B, C

  • Main Building: Basement

  • Library: Basement


Actual Tornado Emergency

In the event any part of the campus is struck by a tornado:

  • The IUPD will immediately implement the incident command system.

  • Protect money by locking all registers and safes.

  • Lock all areas that have money.

If the incident command center is set up, a representative from Physical Plant emergency staff will report to the incident command center to facilitate any questions concerning the incident from emergency response teams.

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