Emergency Preparedness

Preparing Our Campus

Emergency preparedness is an ongoing concern at Indiana University Kokomo. The purpose of this Web page is to guide members of the IU Kokomo community in case of emergency. Please become familiar with this resource as it could be useful to you if the need arises.


Safety of our community is of primary importance. Although we have no information indicating any threats, emergency plans are in place. The staff is also in regular contact with local authorities regarding emergency preparedness and other issues related to public safety. 

Should an emergency occur, IU Kokomo staff, local law enforcement and other officials are prepared to put our emergency plans into action.  A central emergency operations center would coordinate the management of any incident that occurs on or near the campus. This Web site and other public media outlets would be utilized to keep you informed about the nature of any emergency situation.

IU-Notify will be used to inform the campus of an emergency situation. Please note that you must sign-up and keep your information current to receive alerts via IU-Notify. To do this:

  1. Log into OneStart at http://onestart.iu.edu/.
  2. Click the Notifications tab on the top.
  3. Click IU-Notify on the left. You will see your contact information. Click the appropriate link to change your information.

If this isn't an emergency and you have a specific question regarding your personal safety and security, please send an e-mail to prepare@iuk.edu.

IU Kokomo is taking anti-flu precautions:

  • The campus Emergency Control Committee has been activated and is closely monitoring the situation
  • IU Kokomo is continuing to follow recommended procedures for disinfecting and sanitizing
  • The campus is in regular contact with public safety and security agencies and will update this site as new developments arise

Additional detailed information about swine flu and IU's response to the situation can be found at http://www.indianauniversity.info/.  The site will be regularly updated as any additional information becomes available. Additional information and resources can be found at http://www.iub.edu/~prepare/flu.shtml#swine