ABC Program

The ABC Program is a partnership between the Indiana University regional campuses in Kokomo, Gary, and South Bend in conjunction with the Ivy Tech Community College campuses of northern and north central Indiana. The ABC Program represents the proven formula in higher education that students who earn an associate degree at a community college are much more likely to go on to earn their bachelor’s degree at a college or university.

Associate + Bachelor’s = Career

The ABC Program provides full-time Ivy Tech students with an excellent pathway to earn quality, accessible, and affordable associate and bachelor's degrees which will increase their opportunities for a professional career. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by enrolling in the ABC program. Enrollment does not limit transfer options in any way. In fact, if an Ivy Tech student decides to transfer to IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or IU South Bend, they will have guaranteed admission and other advantages not available to non-ABC students. It is easy to enroll and it's free! Still not sure if IU Kokomo is the right fit for you as a transfer student? Sign up for our FREE Transfer Visit Day to learn more about the opportunities at IU Kokomo.

IU Kokomo, IU Northwest and IU South Bend each have an ABC Transfer Specialist who can answer your questions. They are:

IU Kokomo
Lacy Ramirez 

IU South Bend
Shaune Thompson 

IU Northwest
Brenda Pena-Martinez

Apply for the ABC program

Who is eligible for the ABC program?

Full-time Ivy Tech students in good academic standing who have successfully completed one semester with at least twelve (12) college-level credit hours, but not more than thirty (30) college-level credit hours, are eligible to apply.

When should I sign up for the ABC program?

For most students, the best time to sign up will be early in your Ivy Tech career after the successful completion of at least twelve (12) college-level credit hours. 

What if I’m just beginning my freshman year at Ivy Tech? Can I sign up before or during my first semester?       

Yes. If you are participating in the ASAP program, you have earned at least six (6) credits through AP or dual-credit courses, or you have graduated high school with an Academic Honors Diploma you may be eligible to enroll before or during your first semester at Ivy Tech. 

How do I enroll in the ABC program?

It’s easy to enroll, just fill out the online application or contact your ABC Transfer Specialist for a paper application. Once submitted, wait for a response to find out your next steps!

What Ivy Tech locations are eligible for the ABC Program? What if my Ivy Tech is not listed?

We’re sorry, but not all Ivy Tech campuses are served by the ABC Program. IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, and IU South Bend can only serve students in their region. But don’t let that stop you from seeking help with transferring elsewhere. Every Ivy Tech campus has a Transfer Division. Contact a staff member there for assistance.

The following Ivy Tech locations are served by IU Kokomo’s Transfer Specialist:

  • Crawfordsville
  • Frankfort
  • Kokomo
  • Lafayette
  • Logansport
  • Marion
  • Monticello
  • Noblesville
  • Peru
  • Rochester
Contact the ABC Transfer Specialist at IU Northwest and/or IU South Bend for participating locations.
I’m doing well at Ivy Tech, but I’m not sure if I want to transfer to an IU regional campus. Should I sign up for the program anyway?

Yes. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Whether or not you decide to transfer to IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or IU South Bend, you will receive valuable advice from an ABC Transfer Specialist. If you eventually choose to transfer to IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or IU South Bend in the ABC Program and maintain good academic performance, you will be eligible for transfer scholarship opportunities.

Why should I enroll in the ABC program?

If you enroll in the ABC program, complete your associate degree at Ivy Tech, and transfer to IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or South Bend, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed Admission to IU Kokomo
    • You are guaranteed admission to IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or IU South Bend if you maintain the standards associated with participation in the ABC program. Keep in mind that some academic programs such as nursing or radiography have limited enrollment and thus have separate standards for admission into the major. Please inquire with your ABC Transfer Specialist for more information and prepare early to enter these competitive majors.
  • The Cougar Transfer Scholarship
    • The Cougar Transfer Scholarship at IU Kokomo is equivalent to the difference between the tuition rate effective the semester you joined the ABC program and the tuition when you enter IU Kokomo. If you maintain eligibility, you will receive this scholarship for four (4) consecutive semesters (excluding summer) to keep your actual tuition costs stable.
  • The Cougar Transfer Plus Scholarship
    • The Cougar Transfer Plus Scholarship is a competitive scholarship available to qualified ABC students transferring to IU Kokomo. Students must be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant to apply. Scholarship awards cover the cost of tuition and mandatory fees that are not covered by the student’s federal, state, institutional, or privately funded gift aid (with a maximum annual award of $3,000). The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of four consecutive semesters (excluding summer).
  • Personalized Advising
    • Early in your Ivy Tech career, you will develop a relationship with your ABC Transfer Specialist. They will work with you to ensure you are taking appropriate courses towards your associate degree and assist you in your transfer to IU Kokomo. They will also introduce you to your academic advisor at IU Kokomo who will continue to work with you until you earn your bachelor’s degree!
  • Financial Literacy
    • Indiana University’s successful financial literacy training program will help prepare you to be financially responsible and reduce your student debt.
  • Career Counseling
    • Early career counseling will help you focus on a degree program and find internship and job opportunities.
  • Summer Bridge Program
    • The Summer Bridge Program is an opportunity for students to spend one week on campus and earn one free credit hour. During this time, students will receive a preview of the university experience. This will help students feel comfortable going to IU Kokomo after graduating from Ivy Tech.
  • Social and Cultural Events
    • As an ABC Program student, you have the benefit of participating in social and cultural activities at both Ivy Tech and IU Kokomo. Join a student organization, cheer on the Cougars at a sporting event, or attend a campus program! 
As an ABC program student at Ivy Tech am I guaranteed admission to Indiana University?"

You are guaranteed admission to one of the three Indiana University regional campuses participating in the ABC program: IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or IU South Bend. While you are guaranteed admission to any of these three IU regional campuses, based on your academic performance, you may or may not be admitted to a small number of highly competitive majors such as nursing or radiography.

If you complete your associate degree at Ivy Tech, you are also likely eligible for admission to another Indiana University campus. By working early with your ABC Transfer Specialist and meeting high academic standards, you can chart a course to transfer to any IU campus—but you are only guaranteed admission to IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or IU South Bend by participating in the ABC Program.

What advising will be available to me as an ABC program student at Ivy Tech?

Your ABC Transfer Specialist will assist you with transfer advice, course selection, and personalized academic planning to complete both your associate and bachelor's degrees in a minimum number of semesters. As you are in the final stages of your associate degree, the transfer specialist will introduce you (in person or virtually) to your major advisor —a member of the IU Kokomo faculty or staff. We want to ensure you remain on the right track, so we require you to meet with your ABC Transfer Specialist at least once per semester.

Your ABC Transfer Specialist will also connect you to Indiana University’s financial literacy module and to financial aid counselors at IU Kokomo. This will help you plan your finances to ensure you graduate on time with minimal debt.

Your ABC Transfer Specialist will also connect you to career counseling services. Early career advising will help you to minimize the number of courses that won’t apply to your chosen degree and may provide opportunities for internships or jobs in your chosen field.

What if I have already earned more than 30 college-level credit hours?

Unfortunately, you are not eligible to participate in the ABC Program (unless you are in a selective admission program such as nursing). You will be considered, along with all other transfer students, for IU Kokomo’s Transfer scholarship. See your ABC Transfer Specialist to set up an appointment with a transfer representative from IU Kokomo’s Office of Admissions.

How long will it take to earn my associate degree and bachelor's degree if I follow the requirements of the program?

We have designed the ABC Program to enable most students to complete both an associate and bachelor's degree within four years. Depending on when you enroll in the ABC Program, you will have from two to five academic semesters (plus summers) to complete your associate degree. If you enroll at IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or IU South Bend the semester after you graduate with your associate degree from Ivy Tech, you will have four more semesters (plus summers) to complete your bachelor’s degree. You may take more time than four semesters to complete your bachelor’s degree, but we encourage ABC Program students to take advantage of all the financial benefits of the program by completing in no more than two years from the date of transfer.

As an ABC program student, does it matter what associate degree program I am in at my Ivy Tech campus?      

Full-time students in all degree programs—including A.A.S. degrees—are eligible to enroll in the ABC Program. See your ABC Transfer Specialist for participating bachelor’s degrees at IU Kokomo.

If I am in a selective admission program, can I still enroll in the ABC Program?

Yes. To be in the ABC Program, you need to enroll during your second semester in your selective program, such as Nursing. You are still eligible to enroll after earning thirty (30) credit hours.. Your ABC Transfer Specialist can help you understand this issue and how it applies to you.

Why does the ABC Program require that I finish my associate degree before I transfer to IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or IU South Bend?

Studies show that students who complete an associate degree before transfer are much more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree, and they do so in a shorter period of time. If you complete an A.A. or A.S., you also will have completed your lower division general education requirements, which means you won’t have to redo them when you transfer to an IU regional campus or another public university in Indiana.

Of course, you can still transfer to your IU regional campus without an associate degree if for some reason this is the best course of action for you. Still, the completion of the associate degree is an important milestone in your path to a bachelor's degree and we encourage you to pursue the ABC Program if you are eligible and interested in it. Life happens. If something delays or precludes the completion of your bachelor’s degree, your resume will still show you successfully achieved an associate degree at Ivy Tech, increasing your earnings and your eventual likelihood of completing the four-year bachelor’s degree.

Will my credits transfer to IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or IU South Bend?

Yes. If you sign up early for the ABC Program and work closely with your ABC Transfer Specialist to select the right courses, your college level courses should transfer.

Will I feel like a student at IU? Will I have a chance to participate in activities?

ABC Program students will fit in easily and successfully at IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, and IU South Bend. While attending Ivy Tech, ABC Program students will receive regular notice of free activities and will be invited to participate. 

Will I be ready for an Indiana University campus? Won't I get lost in the crowd?

IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, and IU South Bend have relatively small class sizes, often 25 or less and few large lecture classes. Professors are friendly and welcoming. The campuses are very safe, medium-sized, and have many up-to-date facilities. Faculty often involve undergraduate students in research and there are a large number of activities in and outside the classroom to engage students. After the ABC program, you will be ready to thrive at IU!

Will I find the bachelor’s program I want at an IU regional campus?

IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, and IU South Bend offer the most popular majors such as business, psychology, or communication, as well as a large variety of other majors. Check early on with your ABC Transfer Specialist to focus on possible majors and ensure that your early course selection is flexible enough to reach your goal of a bachelor’s degree. For more information on available programs at each location, please visit their websites: