Transferring to IU Kokomo

Each year we welcome many students who choose to transfer to IU Kokomo from other colleges and universities, or from other campuses of IU. At IU Kokomo, we are happy to work with you to see how your previous college credits will apply to the academic program you wish to pursue on our campus. 

How to Transfer to IU Kokomo

If you are interested in transferring to IU Kokomo from an institution outside the IU system, you can apply using our online application or you can print out an application for admission. In addition to your application and fee, be sure to send us your official transcripts from all previous institutions. To help with requesting your official transcripts, you can send them the transcript request form. Please send applications and transcripts to the Office of Admissions either by mail or email: Contact the Office of Admissions if your questions have not been addressed here or attend our next Transfer Web Wednesday.

If you are a previous IU Kokomo student, update your information by filling out the personal information update form and schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Success and Advising at 765/455-9405. If you are interested in transferring to IU Kokomo from another IU campus, you can submit your transfer request using the online IU intercampus transfer form.

Requirements for Transferring

Any student who has attended an accredited college or university that meets the below standards.

  • Credit Hours: 12 or more college level credits
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average: Students must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better. Students with a GPA less than 2.0 or that have been dismissed the semester at their previous college are required to submit a Petition for Admissions. Contact the Office of Admissions for specific information. Students must be in good academic standing at their previous institution.

Students dismissed the semester at their previous institution or who are not in good standing may be required to sit out one semester and then submit a Petition for Admission. Please contact us for specific information.

If you do not meet the above criteria, you may be eligible for conditional admission. Please contact us for more details.

Step-by-Step Guide for Transfer Students

Ivy Tech Transfer Information´╗┐

We have a large transfer student population entering the campus from various Ivy Tech Community College campuses each semester. This page is a resource for you to use on your journey to become an IU Kokomo student.

Future Ivy Tech Visits

Indiana Statewide General Education Core

Have you completed your Statewide Gen Ed Core (STGEC)?

The state of Indiana in collaboration with state higher education institutions has defined a set of statewide competencies that form a “core” of 30 credit hours that each public institution has identified with a milestone. If you’ve earned your STGEC from any Indiana public two- or four-year institution, you are eligible to transfer a minimum of 30 credit hours toward your degree. Check with your advisor to review your transcript and to discuss more details on meeting the STGEC milestone.

Statewide Gen Ed Core at IU campuses:

Degree-seeking students who have not completed the STGEC prior to matriculation will be expected to meet all general education requirements on the campus at which they are officially pursuing a degree (their “home campus.”) At the appropriate time, the home campus at which a student is seeking a degree will assign the STGEC milestone. Coursework taken at another campus or institution will count toward general education requirements or the STGEC based on the home campus’s articulation rules and its general education requirements.

ABC Program
Are you planning to complete your associate degree prior to transferring? The ABC Program may be a great fit for you! The ABC Program is a partnership between Ivy Tech Community College and IU Kokomo. This program assists Ivy Tech students in earning their associate degree at Ivy Tech and then aids in their transfer to IU Kokomo to complete their bachelor’s degree. It is free to join and you’ll receive some perks along the way! Please visit our webpage for additional information, including program benefits and requirements. If you have any questions, please contact Kayla Miller, ABC Transfer Specialist, at or 765-455-9562.
Transfer Single Articulation Pathway (TSAP)
The Transfer Single Articulation Pathway (TSAP) was developed so that Ivy Tech students could complete a specific set of courses in specified degree areas and be assured that those courses would transfer into a 4-year degree at any Indiana public university. The TSAP is similar to the 2+2 agreement in that the student will enter the bachelor's degree granting institution at junior status and the TSAP associate's degree is accepted by the bachelor's degree granting institution as a block of credit.  Successful completion of the Ivy Tech degree does not guarantee admission to the IU Kokomo degree program. Students are responsible for reviewing the admission requirements for the IU Kokomo degree program. In some cases, a separate application is required to enter the program. View TSAPS
LINK Program

IU Kokomo has a referral program with Ivy Tech Community College called LINK. The program is designed to prepare students who are denied admissions at IU Kokomo to attend the campus after completing set course work at Ivy Tech.

After completion of the basic skills courses required by Ivy Tech Community College, the student must earn a minimum of 12 credit hours (excluding basic skills coursework) of college level work including; English ENGL 111, Mathematics: any college level course, and two additional General Education courses, totaling at least 6 credit hours. All course grades are required to be C or above and students are required to attain an overall cumulative GPA of 2.00 in all Ivy Tech courses. The student is guaranteed admission to IU Kokomo after the program requirements have been met. 

Helping you prepare for and achieve your educational goals is our number one priority. When you arrive at IU Kokomo, you begin the journey of becoming another of Indiana University's successful alumni.

Transfer Credit Policy

Students enrolled in degree programs generally receive transfer credit for any course from an accredited institution that corresponds to one in our curriculum (in content and credit value). After your transfer credit has been evaluated, your Credit Transfer Report (CTR) can be viewed through One.IU. Please be advised, CTRs may take up to four weeks to process during peak times throughout the year.

Acceptance of course credits from other higher education institutions is not automatic. An evaluation of previously earned credits is conducted after admission. Criteria considered in reviewing credits include accreditation, course contact hours and content, and course grade. Only courses with a grade of "C" or better will be considered for transfer credit. Courses in which you received a C- or lower are listed on your CTR as nontransferable course work. The maximum number of credit hours allowed from a community or junior college is 64 hours unless otherwise approved in an articulation agreement. IU Kokomo has articulation agreements with Ivy Tech Community College, Vincennes University, and Ancilla College. Visit Credit Transfer Service to see how your credits will transfer to IU Kokomo.

Transfer credit may count toward your degree at IU, but it will not count toward your GPA at IU. You will be awarded the same number of hours for which you received credit at your previous institution. If the school you attended operates on semester hours, these credits will transfer to IU as is. If the school operates on quarter hours, your transferable credits will be multiplied by two-thirds to convert them to semester hours. Credits from schools that operate on unit systems or other types of credit systems will be converted to semester hours. Individual schools and departments at IU determine how transferred credits will apply toward your degree requirements. Courses for which IU does not have an equivalent offering can sometimes be transferred as undistributed (UNDI) credits. The decision as to how UNDI credits will fit into your degree program will be made by the school or division in which you will pursue your degree.

Veterans may earn college credit for educational experiences in the armed services. Submit your certified DD Form 295 and/or DD Form 214, and/or transcript from the Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) with your application. Any additional, relevant military transcripts should also accompany your application.