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Campus Holiday Video

The new Indiana University Kokomo Cougar bus pulls up and parks, letting off students and faculty who list the campus’ achievements of 2017.

Jonatan Lopez: “We’ve accomplished a lot of big, bold things in 2017.”

Nelly Zimbron: “We’re part of the largest and most diverse freshman class ever!”

A.J. Edwards, Axel Hernadez, Skyler Workman, Farod Knox: "…605 to be exact!" (They’re holding three poster boards with 6 – 0 – 5 written out.)

Katie Hart, Brianne Abrahamson: “We served up our first season of women's tennis…”

Dalton Clarke: “…and baseball’s on deck for our inaugural season.”

All three together: “Seasons greetings!”

Victoria Strong: “The KEY Program sent hundreds of students on experiential learning trips…”

Alex Ross: “…to Chicago, local wineries, and even as far away as Yellowstone National Park.”

Hong Liu and Rob Johansen: “We’re two of the 12 new faculty added to meet the needs of our growing campus. (They wave.) Happy holidays!”

John Hughey: “We kicked off our new sport and recreation management degree…”

Christian Chauret: “And we launched our computer science program to help fulfill workforce needs!”

Maddy Turner: “We also got really cool new places to study…”

Abel Sutherland: “…thanks to the library’s makeover!”

Flor Valdez: “From Guatemala”  - in Spanish,

Joshua Dugdale: “to Poland”  - in Polish,

Mark Meng: "to China, we’ve been all over the globe this year!" - in Chinese

Ben Liechty: “And we congratulated our largest graduating class ever, welcoming 643 new alumni!”

Alumni Sarah Swoverland, Amber Moore, and Deray Boyd flip over cards with the numbers 6 – 4 – 3 on them.

Ben Liechty, Deray Boyd, Amber Moore, and Sarah Swoverland: “Season’s greetings and happy new year!”

Chancellor of Indiana University Kokomo, Susan Sciame-Giesecke: “So what’d you think of that bus load of achievements? And to top it off, we were named the top public institution by the Kokomo chamber of commerce.

“You know, as we wrap up 2017, we wish you and your family happy holidays and we’re looking forward to wonderful 2018.”

Indiana University Kokomo
Fulfilling the Promise

Campus Holiday Video

Campus Holiday Video with Audio Description

Last updated: 12/14/2017