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Frequently Asked Questions

Advising and Registration Questions

How do I set up my ADS account?

All new students must set up an ADS account prior to registering for classes.  Visit to complete that process.

Do I have to see an advisor before I register?

New students and students on academic probation must see an advisor before scheduling classes. You don’t need to see an advisor before registering for classes.  You can use the tools available in to assist you.   For example, look at your degree map located in and the schedule of classes ( for course selection options.

Where is the advising office located?

Nursing and Allied Health Sciences advising is located in the East Building, Room 120.  All other majors are advised in the Kelley Student Center, Room 223.

How can I contact my advisor?

You can contact your advisor by calling the office or via email.  Contact information can be found on the advising staff page.

What should I do to be ready for my advising appointment?

Please come in to the advising office with a list of possible courses you are interested in pursuing, an idea of future goals, and any questions you may have about your program or plan.

How do I change my major?

In order to change your major, please make an appointment with the academic advisor associated with your new major.  

Where can I find my degree map?

Visit and search “Degree Map”.  Follow the prompts to view your major or other majors you may be interested in.

I need to be enrolled full-time; what is full time?

Full time students are enrolled in 15 to 18 credit hours.  If your goal is to graduate in 4 years, plan to take 15 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters.  Full time status for financial aid purposes is 12 credit hours.

When can I register for the next semester?

Registration dates can be found on the Registrar’s website. Note that your registration appointment time is the earliest that you can register for classes for next term, provided that you do not have any holds.  Your registration appointment can be viewed in your Student Center on

How many course should I take?
Every student has unique situation. Please use this guide to plan your semester.
How do I register for courses?
Follow the instructions on using class registration.
How can I see if a class is full?

You can see how many seats are available for a class by searching for a class either on your student center or via the Schedule of Classes found on the Registrar’s website.


Where can I get a copy of my class schedule?
How do I view my textbooks?

You can view needed textbooks by searching “Textbook Orders” in  You can also take your class schedule to the IU Kokomo Bookstore.

How can I check to see what my waitlist position is?

Once you are registered for classes, you can view your waitlist position by clicking on the “List View” of your class schedule on

How do I drop a course?

Before dropping a course, it is recommended that you meet with your academic advisor and a financial aid representative.  If you are dropping with in the first week of classes, simply go to your Student Center in  Click on the “Register & Drop/Add” link and follow the prompts.  If it is after the first week during the automatic withdrawal period, visit and search for “Late Drop/Add Classes” to follow the prompts.  After the automatic withdrawal period, you must see your advisor or instructor to obtain a schedule adjustment form.  Be sure to check the dates for drop/add and withdrawal periods.  Further details can be found on the Registrar’s website.

How do I access and read my Academic Advising Report (AAR)?

You can access your AAR by going to your Student Center on and clicking My Academics and Grades. Once you click on View AAR, follow the prompts to access your up-to-date AAR.

What’s an “incomplete?”

An “incomplete” or “I” grade is when the work is satisfactory at the end of the semester but has not been complete.  Incompletes are at the discretion of the instructor.  More information can be found on the Office of the Registrar web page.  

How can I calculate my GPA?

Use this link to calculate your semester and cumulative GPA.  

Does a “W” affect my GPA?

A withdraw or “W” grade does not count in your grade point average (GPA).

Policy and Procedural Questions

Where can I find a calendar that contains important campus dates and deadlines?

The Academic Calendar lists important dates and information for campus including registration dates, deadlines, and campus closings.

Where can I complete my citizenship verification?

All new students need to complete the immunization compliance form prior to registering for classes.  Search “Citizenship Verification” on and follow the prompts.  This only needs to be completed one time.

I have an “Advising Hold”. What does that mean?

Please contact your advisor to discuss your advising hold.  You will not be able to register for classes until that hold has been released.

How can I get an enrollment verification?

The Office of the Registrar provides enrollment verification for current students. 

How many credits do I need to be a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior?

The following is a breakdown of how many credit hours are needed to determine your class standing:

                  Freshman: 0-29 credits

                  Sophomore 30-59 credits

                  Junior: 60-89 credits

                  Senior: 90+ credits 

How can I replace a grade in a class?

After enrolling the same course, contact your advisor to fill out a grade replacement form.  More information about grade replacement can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s policy and procedures page.

What is academic probation?

Academic probation serves as a warning period for students when the cumulative GPA falls below 2.0.  Students on probation will have the following semester to increase their cumulative GPA.  All students on academic probation are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor regularly.  

What is academic dismissal?

Academic Dismissal results when a student on academic probation has failed to increase his or her GPA. 


What is academic forgiveness?

If you have not been taking classes with the IU system for longer than 36 months, you may be eligible to use the academic forgiveness policy for prior courses completed with grades below a C.  You must see your advisor to complete the appropriate paperwork.  Complete details can be found on the Registrar’s website

Financial Questions

How do I access the financial literacy program?

All beginning freshmen must complete the Transit Financial Literacy tutorial.  You can access that by searching “Required Financial Literacy” on  Follow the prompts to complete the modules.

Is there a way to calculate an approximate Bursar bill total?

You can use this link to calculate your approximate bill.  You can also find tuition and fee information on that page.

What is SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)?

Any student that receives financial assistance is expected to meet satisfactory academic performance by meeting the following requirements: grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher, successful completion of at least 67% of coursework, and completion of the degree in no more than 150% of the published credit hour requirement.  

I need to fill out a SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) appeal. How do I do that?

Financial aid will notify students through their IU email account that do not meet SAP.  SAP appeals need to be completed. Continue to monitor your email for notification of the approval or denial of your appeal.


Graduation Questions

Where can I get a copy of my transcript?

You can access your unofficial transcript on  Go to your Student Center and click on “My Academics and Grades”.  There will be a link to access your transcript. Official transcripts can be obtained in the Registrar’s office (KC 208).

When do I need to apply to graduate?

If you plan to graduate in December, you must apply no later than September 15.  If you plan to graduate in May or August, you must apply no later than January 15.  

How do I apply to graduate?

You need to fill out this form to graduate.  Forms can be submitted to your academic advisor. 

Orientation and Convocation Questions

How do I RSVP for orientation?

You can RSVP for orientation for orientation. At the bottom of the page there is a link attached to a form you will submit to confirm your attendance.

As a transfer student, do I need to attend orientation?

We recommend that all transfer and new students attend New Student Orientation and New Student Convocation. Both events will introduce you to the campus and its resources.

What does orientation include?

A complete list of of orientation activities.

How is orientation different than VIP days?

Orientation provides you with more in-depth information about campus resources and services you will need while on campus.  You will also have the opportunity to meet other new students, ask questions to current students, and meet staff members that are here to help.

Is New Student Convocation mandatory?

New Student Convocation is mandatory for all students beginning in the fall. 

Last updated: 02/10/2016