Faculty Search and Screen Guidelines

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will coordinate all searches.

Recommended Procedures

  1. Unit requesting position develops job description
  2. Review and approve job description in the Office of Academic Affairs
  3. Complete position authorization forms.  Be sure to:
  • Justify any support costs needed for the position.
  • Obtain appropriate Vice Chancellor and Chancellor signature
  • Chancellor’s office will notify Director of HR, hiring unit and Affirmative Action Officer that search has been approved.
  1. Appoint search committee –
  • Members are appointed purposefully – they fulfill a role.  Committee should be diverse in race and gender.
  • Affirmative Action Officer must approve B.      Search committee
  • One member will serve as Chair
  1. Schedule initial meeting of search committee
  2. Affirmative Action Officer may need to attend to discuss procedures, appropriate and inappropriate questions, etc.  If chairs of the search committee and the chair/dean of the unit are previously training in correct search procedures, then they can train the search committee and then the Affirmative Action Officer will not need to attend the meeting.
  3. Committee develops and approves ad using language as listed in table below – if unit uses the appropriate language and format, the ad will not need to be approved by Academic Affairs.
  4. Committee discusses recruitment plan
  5. Timetable and screening mechanisms discussed
  6. Recruitment plan approved by the office of Academic Affairs and the Affirmative Action Officer.  Ad must be included with the recruitment plan.  See advertisement template – page three of this document.
  7. Advertise position for at least 10 days (if possible).  If possible, applicants should have at least 10 working days to respond to an ad (from last date of advertisement).
  8. Review applications
  9. Committee and/or chair screens for unqualified
  10. Committee must provide a reason for inclusion/exclusion of a candidate in the final pool
  11. Affirmative Action Officer, Faculty Affirmative Action Liaison and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs must approve final pool and the reasons for inclusion/exclusion.
  12. Schedule phone interviews or conference interviews of top candidates.  Committees can phone or conference interview more than the number of candidates that the committee is authorized to bring to campus.  References can be checked, if the committee so desires, at this point.  Candidates can be asked to provide the names of two or more references that will be available within the next few days for a reference check.  If the references are checked at this point, the candidate’s direct supervisor must be called.
  • Decide on candidates to bring to campus.  The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Affirmative Action Officer and the Affirmative Action Faculty Liaison must approve the list of who is brought to campus.  The VCAA will examine the resumes and credentials of the candidates that the committee feels should be brought to campus.   
  • Interview candidates on campus – HR will be included on the visit agenda and will discuss benefits as well as the electronic I-9 and background check processes.  Open sessions should be held wherever possible.
  • Reference checks on the finalists.  Finalists will be told that they must provide the name and contact information of a direct supervisor and those supervisors will be contacted.
  • Evaluate candidates on acceptable/unacceptable and strengths/weaknesses and provide rank order to the chair/dean.  Anyone involved in the interview process should fill in a Candidate Evaluation Form.
  • Dean should recommend candidates in rank order to the office of Academic Affairs, Affirmative Action Office and HR.  Ranking should include a discussion of the rationale behind the rankings, and any additional information the search committee believes is important to the offer.
  • Office of Academic Affairs makes the job offer(s).
  • The Next Steps after Hiring – once candidate has accepted
  • A copy of the job offer letter will be kept in the HR office and forwarded to the hiring unit.  This allows units to have copies for any accreditation or program reviews.
  1. 10. If possible, the unit will call HR and schedule an appointment with HR and the newly hired faculty member for the day that the faculty member will be in to do the I-9 and E-Verify process.
  2. 11. Unit collects the following paperwork:
  • Signed Background Check authorization form
  • Direct Deposit Forms (including a voided check)
  • Tax forms
  • Any unit specific forms
  1. On the E-Verify process – the new hire must complete Part 1:
  • HR will send the new hire a URL and the person can fill it out at home or at the unit’s office
  • The new hire can come to the HR office and fill the form in on an HR Kiosk.
  • On the E-Verify process – the HR office must complete Part 2:
  • New hire must bring appropriate documents with them to the HR office to have his/her identify verified.
  • HR office personnel will then move new hire from pending to submitted.  The E-verify system will only run the applicant on the actual start date.
  • Once submitted, the electronic system will indicate within 5 minutes whether or not the new hire is eligible to work in the United States (with one caveat – the electronic system runs on the start date- if a faculty member is listed as not starting for a month, the electronic system will not run until the actual starting date in the system)

      I.         If eligible, an Accepted message will be returned and the E-verify process is complete

    II.         If a TNC (temporary non-compliance) message is returned, then the new hire has 8 federal working days to initiate the process of resolving the issue(s).

  III.         If the new hire cannot resolve the issue(s), then he/she is terminated from IU employment

   IV.         If the applicant is not a permanent resident or a US citizen, then there is additional paperwork and additional federal deadlines.  (For example, there is only 18 months after the date on the offer letter to get the international beginning paperwork completed, if the applicant has not finished his or her Ph.D., then there are additional steps and timelines involved.)

  1. The entire E-Verify process MUST be completed within 3 days of hiring or the university is in non-compliance.
  2. New hires will need to work with IT and identified unit personnel to get their user names and ADS accounts with Microsoft Exchange email.  (https://itaccounts.iu.edu/)
  3. Identified unit personnel will inform the Registrar’s office and Administrator (Cherie Dodd) of which courses the new hire will be teaching, the new hire’s user name, and the 10 digit employee number.  Please copy both of these offices on any of emails concerning classes and/or changes.   
  4. In order to add a new to the hiring paperwork MUST be completed before they are added (in order to prevent FERPA type issues).
  5. For courses with multiple instructors (e.g., Freshman Learning Courses), is set- to have one primary instructor.  The Administrator will need to add any additional instructors to these types of classes.
  6. Identified unit personnel will work with the new hire on issues such as office space, copier codes, textbook orders, departmental policies, etc.
  7. If tenure-track/lecturer/clinical: The CTLA runs an orientation series (both before the school year starts and through the year) that newly hired full-time faculty members are expected to attend. It includes topics such as annual reviews, campus resources, faculty responsibilities, special programs, research, and teaching topics.
  8. If adjunct: Departments invite adjunct faculty to an Adjunct Faculty Dinner hosted by CTLA. For newly hired adjuncts, CTLA runs an orientation before the semester begins on important topics, such as information about the student body, themes in teaching, administering their duties, and campus resources.
  9. The (INSERT UNIT NAME HERE) invites applications for a full time, tenure-track, 10-month, (INSERT TYPE OF POSITION HERE) position at the assistant professor level beginning ____. Information about the department and our facilities can be found at (INSERT UNIT WEB PAGE URL HERE).  Candidates must be able to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of (INSERT TEACHING AREA (S) HERE). Course load will be 72% FTE per semester.  (*OTHER UNIT SPECIFIC LANGUAGE AS APPROPRIATE)

Candidates should have an earned doctorate in ___ or related field (IN SPECIAL CASES, UNITS MAY BE SEARCHING FOR A MASTERS QUALIFIED PERSON – SUBSTITUTE THAT LANGUAGE APPROPRIATELY), although ABDs who will earn a doctorate within two years of initial appointment will be considered.  ABDs will have until November of the second year to earn the doctorate.  (*OTHER UNIT SPECIFIC LANGUAGE AS APPROPRIATE)

Candidates are expected to be effective teachers and active researchers.  Appropriate university/professional/community service is also required including committee work, assessment of the major, and engaging in campus initiatives to increase retention and enrollment.  Evidence of effective teaching, publications, and a record of service will be required for tenure and promotion.

Applicants should submit a cover letter which addresses the qualifications as listed above, a curriculum vita (CV), university transcripts of undergraduate and graduate degrees, copies of any professional licenses or certifications held, a teaching statement or philosophy, and a research statement outlining research goals.  Three reference letters must be either included in the application or arrive under separate cover

One of eight campuses of Indiana University, Indiana University Kokomo is a comprehensive non-residential campus located 50 miles north of Indianapolis in Kokomo, Indiana, a city with a population of about 47,000.  Committed to student success, the campus serves approximately 3,100 students from an 11-county area in north central Indiana.  An additional 250 pursue degrees in technology in cooperation with Purdue University.  IU Kokomo has approximately 100 full-time faculty, 140 full-time staff and 125 part-time employees.  Associate, baccalaureate, and masters are offered.  Additional information about Indiana University Kokomo can be accessed at http://www.iuk.edu. Persons with disabilities who need assistance to participate in this application process should contact the Office of Affirmative Action at 765-455-9529.

Indiana University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

*Specific text about the position, the unit, the facilities, the research interests of the faculty, etc. should be on the unit’s web page, not in the advertisement.  In essence, units can include a variety of information on their web site that due to space considerations cannot fit into the advertisements.