Advance College Project

Indiana University's Advance College Project (ACP) Program allows high school students to take college courses at their respective High Schools and receive college credit.  Questions concerning this program can be found at the Advance College Project website.

Tuition Bill/Due dates are the same as all other students at the university.  Past due fees are subject to late payment charges.

High School students taking Advanced College Project (ACP) classes at their respective High Schools can pay for their college fees by one of the following methods:

Online Payment

Students who have registered for their classes online will need to log into their One® and type View Account/Pay Bursar Bill in the search bar.  You will find a PDF bill for the student.  Payment can be made online by Credit/Debit card or ACH.  These payments will be reflected immediately on the student's account. 

Students who do not have login information or are not currently enrolled in classes may pay their bill by following ACP Online Payments.  Payments made in this manner may take 5-7 business days to process.

Drop Box

You can pay by check using the drop box outside the Office of the Bursar, Kelley Student Center, Room 205.  Be sure to include the bottom portion of your statement.  If that is not available, you must include the 10-digit student ID number so that payment can be properly applied.  DO NOT place cash or signed traveler's checks in the drop box.  Payments received in the drop box will be retrieved and posted the next business day.

Paying in Person

Payment by check, money order or cash will be accepted in the Office of the Bursar, Kelley Student Center, Room 205, during office hours.  Please bring your bill stub to make payment.

Class Drops/Refunds

Please see university start dates.  Refunds for ACP classes will not be honored after Friday 5:00 p.m. the 4th week of the start of classes at the university.