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Summer 2017 Fees
Instructional Fees In-State Out-of-State
Undergraduate $215.92 $602.93
Graduate $276.98 $652.54
Graduate - Nursing $362.58 $1,044.33
Graduate - MBA/MPM $329.79 $739.85
Online Undergraduate (assessed per credit hour for online programs) $215.92 $309.47
Online Graduate (assessed per credit hour for online programs) $276.98 $409.16
Audit                   Applicable Credit Hour Rate
Indiana College Network                   Applicable Credit Hour Rate
Advance College Project (ACP) $25.00
Program Fees Per Credit Hour Per Credit Hour (12 Hour Max)
Nursing Program Fee $52.71 $632.52
Mandatory Fees
Repair & Rehabilitation $5.16 $61.92
Technology: Summer  
          <=3 credit hours     $46.87
          >=3 credit hours $93.80
Student Activity $5.31 $63.72
Optional Fees
Fall/Spring Parking Permit (per semester) $45.00
Summer Parking Permit $15.00
Course Related Fees
Distance Education (per credit hour) $50.00
Hybrid Course $10.00
Flat Fee
Business ETS Exam Fee MBA $38.00
Business ETS Exam Fee Undergrad $31.80
Business Lab Fee MBA $50.00
Developmental Tutoring Course $10.75
E-Textbook Varies
Economic Education $76.90
Education Early Experience $50.00
Education Practicum $100.00
Education Student Teaching Fee - 6 hours $115.00
Education Student Teaching Fee - 12 hours $230.00
Field Trip Experience Fee $100.00
Freshman Seminar Testing $7.50
HPER First Aid Course $45.00
HPER Health and Wellness Course Fee
(charge will only apply to one HPER class per term)
HPER Health Recreation Course Fee
(charge will only apply to one HPER class per term)
Independent Study Service & Technology Fee
(per each on-line Distance Ed)
Laboratory $50.00
Music, Ensemble Fee $20.50
Music Performance Studies/Applied Music, non-major $225.00
NCLEX Assessment Fee $200.00
New Media Communications Lab (per course) $53.85
Nursing Clinic (per contact hour) $35.03
Nursing Clinic Grad (per course) $496.06
Nutritional Science Lab Fee (per course) $50.00
Radiologic Science $45.76
Studio Fee, Fine Arts $48.75
Telecommunications $41.50
Travel Study $115.60
Non-Instructional Administrative Fees
Admission Application Fee:
          Domestic-Undergrad $35.00
          Domestic-Grad $40.00
          UG/Grad International $60.00
Copyright Violation Fee (per incident) $50.00
Credit by Exam/Credentials/Experience Fee (per credit hour-Max 5 hr charge-$107.50) $21.50
Duplicate Financial Statement (each copy) $5.00
Duplicate Diploma (each copy) $35.00

International Services*

International Services - IEP and other short-term programs $45.00
Late Payment Fee (on account balance; $2.00 min) 1.5%
Late Program Change Fee (each course added after 1st week of semester) $22.00
Late Registration:
Summer First Week $25.00
Second Week $50.00
Non-Credit Portfolio Independent Study Course $150.00
Orientation-New Student Enrollment $50.00
Personal Deferment Charge (each installment) $15.00
Portfolio Faculty Review Fee $125.00
Stop Payment Request $25.00
Student Success Program Fee $25.00
Paper Transcript (each) $15.00
Electronic Transcript (each) $10.00
Domestic Expedited Paper Transcript $35.00
International Expedited Paper Transcript $55.00
Campus Fees
Returned Check (NSF) Service Charge flat fee or 5% of the check charge amount, whichever is greater, up to $250.00 max per item


* The International Services Fee supports advising and technical services to meet federal regulations and provide other essential  support for international students
Last updated: 10/12/2017