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IUKLife – Get Involved!

There are many opportunities to become involved in campus life and the local community through activities, organizations and volunteer opportunities. The staff in Student Activities serve as educators, advisors, program planners and event coordinators, who are available to help you make the most of your college experience. Through involvement, you can gain valuable leadership skills, meet new friends, and create and build upon campus traditions.  We want to help you succeed as an engaged member of our campus community and as a leader in a global society.

Log on to IUKLife (below) with your IUK login information and start exploring the different opportunities and events on campus.  Build your profile, get information on groups you are interested in, and even possibly win some prizes!  IUKLife will be the premier way for you to be-in-the-know and get involved! 

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Student Organization Policy

  • 31%

    involved students earned a higher salary than non-involved (NACE)

  • 70%

    CEO's held at least one office in a club during college

  • 35

    Clubs and Organizations

  • 53%

    involved students were offered a job by graduation (NACE)

Top Reasons Why to Get Involved

  • 1

    Make new friends!

    It can be difficult to get to know others on campus if you only see them in class. Join an organization to meet others with similar interests and ideas!

  • 2

    Build your resume

    Employers and grad schools want to see that you accomplished more than graduation during your time at IUK. Get involved and build your resume to showcase your interests, passions, and time management skills.

  • 3

    Develop Leadership Skills

    Everyone can be a leader, you just have to find your place and gain the skills. Do this by stepping up in an organization or applying to our leadership retreat in the Fall.

  • 4

    Make IUK your home

    Get involved and feel at home because this is YOUR campus! Your voice and opinion matter so participate to make your IUK experience one you will remember and cherish!

Get Involved!

Student Government

SGA, provides leadership opportunities with three branches of government from which to serve. Leaders are exposed to various experiential learning opportunities, from budgeting co-curricular activities and interpreting constitutions to leadership retreats and social networking. These out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities enhance each student's academic experiences, while shaping well-rounded individuals.

Student Union Board

SUB, is the official campus activities programming board for IU Kokomo, and is made up current IUK students. They scout, plan, and organize many campus activities to help promote student life, involvement, and an entertaining campus environment. The group also focuses on developing friendships, networking, and leadership opportunities within the group.

Cougar Advocates for Diversity

CAD, is a student run organization which highlights the diversity found on campus, in the nation, and around the world. Students can gain leadership skills, and learn from one another as they learn about different people, their cultures, clothes, customs, dances, and foods. CAD events are engaging and diverse in nature, and open to all students!

Student Athletics and Wellness Board

SAWB, is a student organization open to all students at IU Kokomo. SAWB’s primary areas of focus are to support the intercollegiate athletic program, and to promote overall improved health and wellness. SAWB members work the home games as event staff and take the lead on encouraging students to attend games. Additionally SAWB plans and coordinates events on campus focusing on the overall health and wellness for the IU Kokomo community.

Last updated: 07/07/2016