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Student Government Association 2013-2014

Student Leaders Scholarship Application

Student government provides leadership opportunities with three branches of government from which to serve. Leaders are exposed to various experiential learning opportunities, from budgeting co-curricular activities and interpreting constitutions to leadership retreats and social networking. These out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities enhance each student's academic experiences, while shaping well-rounded individuals.

SGA Officers 2013-14

  Student Government Officers (Left to Right) Kory George, Brian A. Arwood, Danika Smith and Shaina Shirar

Executive Branch

President - Brian A. Arwood
Vice President - Danika Smith
Vice President Student Union Board - Shaina Shirar
Vice President Student Athletics & Wellness Board - Kory George                

Legislative Branch

Senate President
Danika Smith

Senate Review Committee Chair
Stephen Green

Molly Fisher

President Pro Tempore
Naomi Rush

Steve Vas

Hollie Boyles

Senate Finance Committee Chair
Caili Thomas


Student Activities Treasurer
Heather Pickens

Amanda Bagwell
Erica Bennett
Hollie C. Boyles
Molly Fisher
Stephen Green
Ashley Miller
Alexis Nash
Naomi Rush
Caili Thomas
Steve Vas

Judicial Branch

Chief Justice
Ron Tamir

Associate Justices
Nick Daanen
Drew Frawley


Sarah Sarber
2300 S. Washington Street
Kelley Student Center, Room 210G
Kokomo, Indiana 46904-9003
Phone: 765-455-9203
Fax: 765-455-9537

SGA Application and Resources

Funding of Student Organizations

Student groups wishing to receive funding from student activity funds must be registered with the Office of Student Activities (refer to Procedures and Forms). IUKSGA Senate has the responsibility of funding registered student organizations. For information that may help you with your request, refer to IUKSGA Bylaws, Title X, Section 4. Campus Club and Organization Appropriation Policies.

If your group has been asked to fill out an Evaluation of Student Activity Funds Form, please complete this form and return it to the Office of Student Activities, KC210.

Budget Request Form

Please submit a completed Budget Request Form for all new items your organization would like considered. Approximately how many separate line items will you be requesting in your request? 1 - 10? All budget requests must be done online.

Transfer Request Form

Please submit a completed Transfer Request Form if you are wishing to reallocate funds from one line item to another (within the same fiscal year).

What matters. Where it matters.

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