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Graduate School

Looking to further your education? Graduate schools offer advanced academic and professional degrees that can propel you further! Check out IU Kokomo graduate programs. Looking for other graduate schools and programs? The Graduate Guide allows you the opportunity to search by program, state, or mode of instruction.

Steps to consider:

  • Take the time to do your research. What is it that you want to accomplish? Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? How will your advanced degree propel you further in your career? How much time will the program take to complete? Do you have the financial resources to finish your desired degree? It is never too early to start browsing different programs.
  • Understand the admissions requirements for programs of interest. Do they require a minimum GPA, letters of recommendations, specific prerequisites, entrance exams (such as the GRE, MCAT, etc.), writing samples, etc.? It may be helpful to create a spreadsheet containing this information if you are looking at multiple schools so that you can keep track of the information.
  • Know their admission deadlines and application fees. Pay close attention to the deadlines for admission, as they can vary greatly. Check to see if certain classes are required before you even apply. Save back some funds to pay for admission fees. Graduate school admission fees typically range from $50-$200 each.
  • Make a campus visit. See what the campus has to offer. Meet with the professors to see if their interests align with yours. This is especially necessary if you plan to complete research in a specific area of interest.
  • Study for the entrance exams. Understand that entrance exam such as the MCAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. may only be offered certain times throughout the year. Register early and leave plenty of time to study. Preparation information is listed below.
  • Connect with professors early! Most graduate school programs will require at least one letter of recommendation. Allow your professor adequate time (4-6 weeks) to write a quality letter. Choose one that you have completed research with or that you have had multiple times.  Professors that have seen your dynamic work beyond the minimum write the best letters! Let them know your goals, accomplishments, and details about your desired graduate program.
  • If the school requires a personal statement or writing sample, proofread it carefully. Don’t hesitate to ask a friend, colleague, or former professor to look it over. Customize cover letters and include your goals, aspirations, and connections to what you can accomplish in their graduate program. Check out this The Princeton Review article for some great tips!
  • Check into the financial aid available at each school. Do they offer scholarships, apprenticeships, summer fellowships, or graduate assistant positions that can help offset the educational costs?

Graduate School Entrance Exams

Practice graduate exams in our office. We have complimentary sample graduate exams available by appointment.

Interested in health professions and/or law? Visit IU Bloomington's Health Professions and Prelaw Center to learn more information.

Last updated: 09/18/2018