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Our Mission

The IU Kokomo Career and Accessibility Center is an integral part of the educational process. Services are tailored to meet the need of each prospective student, current student, alumni, or community member in providing self assessment tools, informed academic and career decisions, experiential learning, professional development growth, and job search techniques that are essential for life-long professional career development.

Through one-on-one appointments, interactive workshops and classroom presentations, our office strives to provide personalized support and professional development services.

Career and Accessibility Center is committed to outstanding customer services, life-long partnership, and professional excellence.

We provide excellent support services that remove barriers to personal development, student learning, and student matriculation. As professionals, each member of the student development team will:

  • Challenge and support students in the process of student development.
  • Develop a challenging and comprehensive co-curriculum.
  • Assist students in the development of leadership skills in preparation for life-long service.
  • Promote an understanding and appreciation of diversity.

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Internships That Make a Difference

Caitlyn Laughner
My experience at the Literacy Coalition provided me with a deeper understanding of how important basic reading skills are to everyday life. I was enrolled in an Honors Colloquium about poverty this semester, and there is a lot of intersection between poverty and education. Most of the people who struggle with literacy have faced real-life consequences because of it.  Any time we are given the opportunity to step into the workforce, whether it be with a non-profit agency or a company, we are granted the opportunity to grow--not only as students, but as a professional.
Mikayla Shaw
Internships can open doors for you and they are great experiences to help you know if that is a career path that you would really enjoy. Also, if you do not get into the internship of your choice on the first try, keep applying and do not give up. I did not get into the Disney College Program on my first try or my second. I had to apply three times before I was accepted into the program. I kept trying to be accepted into the program and I am so glad that I did because it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I made so many great friends and memories.
Olivia Alfrey
It is great to find a company who is willing to truly invest in you and you are passionate about taking advantage of opportunities, then looking for an internship that will deliver those things will take you beyond what you believed to be possible before you've even completed your degree. Lastly, don't forget that a simple smile and willingness to learn goes a long way with people. People like to teach people so don't shy away from this wonderful experience to make connections and learn about a future career.
Jeremiah Smith
I learned a lot about pushing myself, taking chances, problem solving, learning to figure things out, how to successfully market and organize an event, advertising, and how to apply communication in every aspect of employment. Internships open up networking opportunities and chances to apply and push yourself beyond the classroom. It is where textbooks and theory meet real world application. It also teaches you about the field of study you are wanting to go into and prepares you for that field in a way that a classroom can't.