X70 Indiana University Kokomo Crescendos

Students are expected to attend all performances. If circumstances prohibit attendance, Director must be notified at least one class period PRIOR to the event. Failure to notify can result in a failing grade for that performance.

Performances average around five per semester culminating in the final performance in Havens Auditorium during the final weeks of the semester. Attendance at that concert is mandatory, as is the final rehearsal proir to the event. All students are required to participate in choreography.

Students cannot use only the final performance as their final grade. Assignments must also be completed during the semester, as well as, make up rehearsals for those who have had attendance issues.

Attendance is required and expected at each rehearsal. If rehearsal is to be missed Director must be notified PRIOR to the rehearsal. Expected attendance is 90%, or one missed rehearsal per month. If attendance becomes an issue Director will meet with student individually to address. Make up rehearsals can be used to rectify attendance issues.

Non-credited students are to meet all the same requirements as credited students, including attendance, performances and assignments.

Two major assignments will be given per semester. The first will be a group assignment in which all students will work as sections (SATB) to chose a piece from their assigned genre for the final concert. Research on that piece will be done and presented to the class.

Assignment two will be to assist Director in teaching their chosen piece to the class. Each student will direct parts of their assigned piece, as well as, be expected to understand the music enough to assist in leading students toward the musical values of the piece, i.e., dynamics, diction, tempo, etc. Failure to complete this portion of the class can result in a non-passing grade.

Weighting of grades is as follows:

Miscellaneous performances: 25%
Attendance: 25%
Assignments 1 and 2: 25%
Final Performance: 25%

All members of the Indiana University Crescendos are expected to represent Indiana University with pride, dignity and respect. Any perceived violation can result in a lowered final grade.

Rick Alexander


Constitution of Crescendos Show Choir
Ratified September 30, 2009 by majority vote


Crescendos have been established as a show choir to meet the needs of students who wish to participate in performing contemporary music that includes stage movement. The current choir opportunity at Indiana University Kokomo, the Indiana University Kokomo singers, serves a much different purpose and the formation of a show choir will not interfere with the mission of the singers.


Article 1.

Sect. 1. The organization shall be names the Indiana University Kokomo Crescendos Show Choir, therein called Crescendos.

Sect. 2. It is the intent of the choir to have a director for the organization with the mission to perform and entertain the public with show choir music, involving dance.


Article 2.

Sect. 1. Crescendos is available as a credit bearing course, X070 (2 cr.) for which students may opt to register and receive credit, but other students may wish to participate as an activity only.

Sect. 2. Members must attend ALL rehearsals and performances.

Sect. 3. Membership is available for one academic year, including officers.


Article 3.

Sect. 1. As a class no absences, excessive tardiness will be tolerated and counted against you as an absence.

Sect. 2. If you must miss a class, you MUST let the President and/or Vice President know in advance.

Sect. 3. If taken as an activity you are held to the same standards as those taking it as a class. Excessive unexcused absences or tardiness will result in dismissal from group.


Article 4.

Sect. 1. Government of Crescendos shall consist of a President and Vice President who shall serve one academic year.

Sect. 2. Officers will be selected by the director each Fall Semester. In the event that an officer does not return Spring Semester, the director will select another member and he/she will serve one semester only.


Article 5.

Sect. 1. Crescendos meet for rehearsal 2 times a week during the fall and spring semesters, and for business meetings, once a month.

Sect. 2. Additional rehearsals and/or business meetings may be called by the President, and/or Faculty Advisor as necessary.


Article 6.

Sect. 1. The President, Vice President and Faculty Advisor shall have authority over all actions of the Crescendos.

Sect. 2. Committees may be appointed by the President or Faculty Advisor as necessary.

Duties of Government

Article 7.

Sect. 1. The President of Crescendos shall preside at all meetings.

Sect. 3. The President, Vice President and or group shall represent the Crescendos at Student Activities meetings and events as requested.


Article 8.

Sect. 1. Proposals for amendments to the constitution shall be presented at any regular business meeting of the Crescendos Show Choir and shall be ratified by a majority vote of 51% of the current membership.