Assessment Rubrics

List of Educational Resources for Assessment Rubrics

  • Authentic assessment toolbox (includes rubrics) - a tutorial for learning about authentic assessment; has a link to rubrics which explains the required components of rubrics, their rationale, analytic vs. holistic rubrics, and instructions for writing rubrics. This web site is an award-winning MERLOT learning object. (author: Jonathan Mueller)
  • Rubistar free tool to create rubrics - a way to pick and choose descriptions of performance levels useful to assess oral projects, multimedia, math, research and writing, products, reading, art, work skills, science, or music
  • Grading rubrics - examples of rubrics used for assessing team presentations, case presentations, training presentations, handbook evaluation, team member evaluation, class discussion evaluation, conceptual models, and ethics audit (from D. Swenson, College of St. Scholastica)
  • Multimedia rubric - an example of a rubric used to assess a multimedia presentation (from North Carolina State University)
  • Assessment Rubrics - a MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching) resource where faculty from different disciplines at the University of Colorado Denver describe their use of rubrics. After reading the introductory overview, click on the icons for more descriptions, case stories, tutorials, and articles.