Biology Assessment Report Summaries

During the 2006-2007 academic year, the Biology Program assessed outcomes related to goals 1 (Content) and 2 (Methodology) of the Biology Assessment Plan. Assessment activities were conducted in four courses: Introduction to Biology L 105, Principles of Genetics L 364, Cell Physiology L 367, and Survey of the Plant Kingdon B 203. The assessment methods included pre- and post-tests (L 105 and B 203), lab experiment/report (L 105), assignment questions and problems (L 364), laboratory drawings (B 203), literature search and a term paper write up (L 367). The benchmark was set at 70% in B 203 and at 75% in the other three courses. Overall, it can be concluded that students were generally capable of collecting and observing data, but weaknesses were observed in the areas of data interpretation, as well as being able to state key principles from a lab experiment, an assignment, or an exercise, and to relate these principles to observed or expected results. These weaknesses will be addressed in future courses.

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