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Business Assessment Report Summaries

Assessment of student learning is a priority for the School of Business. The School developed a set of program goals and learning outcomes and continues to collect assessment data each school year to measure student achievement of these outcomes. In 2011-2012, the School assessed a number of general education learning outcomes. In the undergraduate program, we focused on the assessment of quantitative, information, and computer skills. We used course-embedded assessment techniques to gather data on the achievement of these outcomes in core undergraduate courses. The faculty developed assessment forms and used benchmarks to evaluate individual student performance and establish whether the student learning in an outcome is Exemplary, Satisfactory, or Needs Improvement. The faculty also focused on the assessment of courses offered in the online format.

In order to get external validation of the assessment results, the School used the ETS Major Field Test in Business to measure the knowledge and skills of graduates. This is a national standardized test with a sample of 80,708 examinees from 585 institutions in 2010-2012. Overall, the School’s graduates performed reasonably well on this national test in 2011-2012. There were 21 graduates taking the test in Spring 2012, and the mean performance for this cohort was at the 65th percentile compared to all institutions participating in the ETS Major Field Test internationally.

The following are assessment highlights:

•      Mission, Program Goals and Learning Outcomes are established and reviewed

•      Course-embedded assessment data is collected every school year

•      External standardized testing with the ETS Major Field Test for Business

•      Assessment Committee oversees all assessment activities

•      Assessment results were reviewed by all faculty in regular faculty meetings

•      Other activities include periodic surveys of students and graduates

Link to full assessment report

Last updated: 09/20/2018