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Communication Arts Assessment Report Summaries


I. Brief Summary of Assessment Plan

In the Spring of 2013, the Communication Arts faculty collected data in order to assess Outcome 5B (Students will draw on knowledge of methods to diagnose or analyze real world communication problems).

II. Assessment Methods

  1. We collected data in the form of papers and final exams from SPCH-C393 Research Methods and SPCH-S228 Argumentation and Debate.
  2. We created an assessment rubric based on the three components of the outcome (problem identification, presentation of reasoning, and appropriateness of application).
  3. Our benchmark for success was that 85%.
  4. The papers and exams were evaluated by two Communication Arts resident faculty members according to the performance criteria.

III. Assessment Results

Students met the 85% benchmark in only the first component (problem identification) with an average of 96% meeting the criterion of “complete and appropriate.” 80.67% of students met the criteria of components two and three (presentation of reasoning and appropriateness of application).

IV. Using Assessment for Program Improvement

Changes have been planned for C393 Communication Research Methods. The instructor will focus on presentation of reasoning and appropriateness of application. Similar changes are planned for other Communication Arts classes as well.

V. Dissemination of Results

These results were distributed to the Communication Arts faculty, the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Assessment Director, and the Office of Academic Affairs via e-mail, and will be posted on the Communication Arts webpage. Data was also entered into the Weave database.

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The communication arts faculty assessed outcome 2, Students will demonstrate effective writing skills for the Academic Year 2008-2009.  Papers were gathered from seven communication arts majors in SPCH-S205 Introduction to Speech Communication and five majors in JOUR-C200 Introduction to Mass Communication. These are both introductory courses in the communication arts major.  Two resident faculty assessed the papers along six components: awareness of audience, thesis or proposition, organization/structural clarity, support for position, transitions, and writing mechanics. Students in both courses, while exhibiting need for improvement in the development of thesis statements and the use of transitions, generally met the expectations for writing at an early stage of the major.  Students in both courses met the benchmark of 50-65% of students writing up to expectations.  Please see Assessment on the Humanities website for the complete report.

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Last updated: 09/20/2018