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Education Assessment Reports Summaries

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) Professional Education Data System (PEDS) Report


School of Education recently completely revised the evaluation system for field and clinical experiences. We piloted this new evaluation in Fall 2012. The 2013-2014 academic year was the first complete year that used the new evaluation for all programs at all performance levels. We have nine evaluations (3 elementary, 3 secondary, 3 special education) that are completed electronically by our host teachers for field experiences and our cooperating teachers and university supervisors for student teaching. Each evaluation has a varying number of statements aligned with the performance expectations at that particular level of each program. Evaluators use a rating of 1 for Ineffective, 2 for Improvement Necessary, 3 for Effective, and 4 for Highly Effective. At the Unit level, we expect our aggregate scores per statement to be at least an average of 3. In the 2013-2014 academic year, all aggregate scores were 3 or above for all statements for all levels for all programs. These data show that our students are meeting the instructional planning and delivery standards and outcomes in our programs.


The School of Education’s Unit Assessment System (UAS) is being revised to better measure teacher candidate knowledge, dispositions, and performances as delineated in the INTASC principles (initial licensure), appropriate professional organization standards (NCTE, NCTM, NCSS, NAEYC, etc.), the Indiana teacher education standards, and the SOE Metastandards.  The system measures teacher candidate performance, program effectiveness, appropriateness of the School’s mission and vision, and effectiveness of the system itself.  The UAS is a requirement for NCATE accreditation. 

Since program review is moving to a national organization review instead of the original State review, our assessments and our collection of data systems needed to be revised. We are still in the process of identifying key assessments, and securing a reliable data collection system. We will be piloting all components of the new UAS in the Fall 2012 semester.

During this time of transition, the SOE’s Assessment Plan 2011-2012 focused on investigating one concept from the School of Education’s 2009 Strategic Analysis Plan. From among Diversity, Technology, Field/Partnerships, Service Learning, Inquiry, 21st Century Skills, Sequencing, Portfolio, this year we are investigating Technology. Dr. Grabner-Hagen and Dr. Glick are co-principal investigators of this project. TK Jeong, Shirley Aamidor, Julie Saam and Christopher Wolfe are also involved in the project. After securing approval from IRB, the investigators have developed a research plan, performed a literature search, written surveys, and obtained subjects. Data collection and some analysis have begun and will continue this academic year. The final analysis will occur Spring and Summer 2013. A final report will be given Fall 2013.

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Last updated: 03/20/2018