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Fine Arts Assessment Report Summaries


In 2011, the Fine Arts Program showed its largest growth in majors and courses. The degree and faculty were well established and the growth inspired yet another major change. The decision was made to move ahead with a new degree proposal for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. This more comprehensive art degree would truly grow the program over the next decade and was an important decision to place the program in competition with other institutions of higher learning in the state. The metalsmithing area was still growing and equipment was added in order to grow this area of specialty. The degree was approved in the spring of 2012. At the end of 2011, an assessment plan was drafted to assess the foundation drawing students in 2012, but an assessment plan was not able to be completed for 2011.


The BA in Fine Arts was a new degree to the campus in 2008. After losing a faculty member in 2009, the open position was not filled in 2009-10. The art gallery was managed by an interim director, Jeff Gegner.  Approval was given to fill the fine art position for the fall semester 2010, and a decision was made to fill the position with a studio art faculty in order to meet the needs of the growing program.  In this interim period, art history courses were not offered in proper sequence. A new faculty member was hired with a specialty in metalsmithing. This new studio area brought many changes, and the supplies, equipment, safety, and studio space became a top priority. The assessment of the degree was not made a priority at this time. 


The fine arts faculty completed the assessment outcomes for the BA degree during the approval process in 2008. This gave them the foundation for future assessment. The BA in Fine Arts was launched in the fall semester of 2008. With the newly established degree, many changes were made in the fall of 2008 and the spring of 2009. There were courses added to the curriculum and a new faculty member in art history was hired. The director of the art gallery was changed from Gregory Steel to the new faculty member, Whitney Bair-Sneed. The art classes were settling into the newly renovated art spaces in the Fine Arts Building. There were many changes made with equipment, supplies, and safety. At the end of the spring semester in 2009, Whitney Bair-Sneed decided to leave IU Kokomo and return to her hometown in Ohio. This change added some instability to the new program. Assessing a program with so many changes became an impossible task for this year. The faculty did not feel ready to access such a young program.

Link to Fine Arts Full Assessment Report

Last updated: 12/22/2015