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Technical Tips

Getting Started with Technology

  • Computer Guide
    • Click the link above for the IU Knowledge Base - ComputerGuide: Deals by vendor, recommendations, and common questions


Classroom A/V Setup

  • IT Service Request
    • Please contact IU Kokomo Help Desk ( for assistance on how to use the Audio Visual equipment in the classrooms or fill out the IT Service Request Form.


  • Web Services
    • UITS Kokomo Web Services is responsible for developing and maintaining the IU Kokomo web space by providing support and technical assistance to the web publishing community in order to effectively meet the goals of a student-centered learning community. Services are offered to faculty and staff for academic and department web pages loaded on IU servers. For more information about Web Services, please click on the link above.
  • CTLA's YouTube Channel
    • Our YouTube Channel has 23 videos to assist you when working in WCMS. Video topics range from logging into WCMS, adding photos, navigating to department's landing pages, and much more. Please click on the link above to go directly to CTLA's YouTube Channel.

Using Control Keys for Copy & Paste

  • Ctrl + C = Copy
    • Copies selected text
  • Ctrl + X = Cut
    • Cuts selected text
  • Ctrl + V = Paste
    • Pasts selected text
  • Ctrl + A = Select All
    • Selects all text
Last updated: 11/19/2018