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Mapping a Network Drive

Faculty/Staff Instructions

Any time you are using a computer other than your own, for example, when you are in TechCTLA or in a training session, you will need to map a network drive.

  1. Log on to the ADS server.

  2. On your computer select the Start button, then right click on Computer and select Map Network Drive.

    shows where to select start button and computer

  1. Change the drive letter to U: unless that one has been used already in which case select any other free letter.
    showing where to enter details for network drive

  2. In the folder box type in  \\\users\UserName
    e.g. \\ko-filesrv\users\jdoe (If you wish to map your network drive from home first connect to your VPN before attempting to map the drive. On campus you may shorten the drive name to ||ko-filesrv\users\username.)

  3. Click Finish and wait a few seconds.

  4. You will now be able to save your files to your network folder.

Last updated: 09/19/2018