Chris Darr


Chris Darr

Chris Darr, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Communication Arts
Office: KO 226
Phone: (765)-455-9567

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I am currently serving as Associate Professor of Communication Arts in the Department of Humanities, where I teach a variety of courses including Persuasion, Argumentation and Debate, Interviewing, and Communication Research Methods. Overall, I would characterize my teaching as an effort to guide students toward becoming better communicators, meaning I aim to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to be critical thinkers who contribute positively to their chosen career fields and to their communities through active and productive engagement in the public sphere. The Communication Arts program offers two degrees (a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science) that equip students with the skills they need to acheive these goals.

My research complements my teaching by focusing on political communication from a rhetorical perspective. Overall, I would characterize my work as an effort to better understand political discourse through an interdisciplinary approach that draws from rhetorical theory, argumentation, political communication and public advocacy. Currently, I am pursuing research in two major topic areas: civility in the United States Senate, and the theory of Kenneth Burke. My most recent publication is included here as an attachment (Click Here).

In addition, I strive to serve the community and enhance the learning of my students by incorporating public events and community interaction into the curriculum. For instance, my Argumentation and Debate class holds an annual debate that is open to the campus and community, where we have debated topics like drug laws, hate speech, and drug testing for student athletes. (That's me holding the championship belt from last year's debate above! See below for more pictures of debate.) In another example, my Interviewing class held an employment interviewing workshop, where they gave mock interviews to members of the Kokomo community who are currently on the job market. (See pictures below.) My most recent Interviewing class produced a radio show called "IU Kokomo's Persons of Interest." You can listen to the MP3 here.

Since 2012 I have been the President of the IU Kokomo Faculty Senate, elected by my peers to lead and to represent the faculty of our campus.


Photos from Hate Speech Debate





Photos from Interviewing Workshop