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Research Goals and Objectives

My research interest and experience is focused on synthesis and characterizations of functional nano- and micro-structures with novel electronic and photonic properties. The research activities involve inorganic and organic semiconductors synthesis, surface chemistry, nano- and micro-pattern assemblies. Photo-electrochemical techniques will be used as characterization tools for fundamental heterogeneous charge transfer and photo-physical process. In particular, studying how fundamental physical quanta – electrons, photons and phonons are coupled to each other in the nanometer scale and it can be manipulated to serve technological applications.

Possible applications are in inorganic/organic semiconductors interfaces (IOI), nano-structured inorganic solar cells, thin solid oxide fuel cells, and Hydrogen production. This research can be multidisciplinary in nature. This will maintain comprehensive experimental facilities for growth and analysis.

Current Ongoing Research

  • "Electrochemical Behavior of Immobilized HPA in Poly-pyrrol and Poly-aniline Films," Kasem Kasem and Gina Morandi
  • "Physicochemical studies on some transition metal complexes". K. Kasem and  Don Whetro
  • "Mechanism of electropolymerization of 8- Hydroxyquinoline" Kasem K. Kasem. 
  • "Characterization of Surface Modified CdS-Based Photoelectrochemical Cells". K. Kasem.
  • "Photoelectrochemical Studies of Native and Surface Modified CdSe Electrodes," K. Kasem. 

Memberships in Professional Societies

  • American Chemical Society
  • Electrochemical Society

Publication Articles

The following articles are published in referred journals.

  • Photoelectrochemical and Magnetic Studies on Photoactive Interface Thin Film Assemblies of Poly Bithiophene/Poly 3-(2-Thienyl) Aniline/ Fe2O3 in Aqueous Electrolytes. Thin Solid Films, 634, 2017, 56-65, 13th International Conference on Chemistry and ITS Role in Development, March 2017, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
  • Creation of Hybrid Photoactive Inorganic/Organic Interface Assemblies of Cadmium Oxide mixtures (CdO2/CdO)/Poly-2,2-Bithiophene; Optical and Photoelectrochemical Investigations International Journal of Chemistry 2017,(9), 4, page 71.
  • Photoelectrochemical and Magnetic Studies on Photoactive Interface Thin Film Assemblies of Poly Bithiophene/Poly 3-(2-Thienyl) Aniline/ Ferromagnetic Mg-doped Fe2O3 in Aqueous Electrolytes. Thin Solid Films, 634, 2017, 56-65
  • System and method for Chemically authenticating items. Pub. Number US2016/0290940 A1. 2016.
  • "Electrochemical studies on a photoactive semiconductor organic/inorganic hybrid interface consisting of a poly tris [4-(2-thienyl) phenyl] amine and CdS nanoparticles." Synthetic Metals 2016 (217), 61-67.
  • "Creation of Photoactive Inorganic/Organic interfaces using Occlusion Electrodeposition Process of Inorganic nanoparticles during electropolymerization of 2,2',5,2"- Terthiophene", International Journal of Chemistry, 2016 (8) 2, pp1-8.
  • "Photoelectrochemical, and Magnetic Studies on Photoactive Interface Assemblies of Poly Dithiophene (PDTh)/Poly 2 Thionyl Aniline (2ThA)/ Ferromagnetic Mg-doped Aqueous Electrolytes.", in prepublication review 2016.
  • Photoelectrochemical Studies on Aqueous Nano Suspensions of Some metal oxides/Chalcogonides Semiconductors for hydrogen production. Efficient harvesting of Solar Energy. Bulletin of Material Sciences. 2015. 38 (2) pp 303-308.
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  • Photoelectrochemical Studies at CdS/PTTH Nanoparticles Interfaces. Material Science and Application, 2012 ,3, 719-727.
  • Photoelectrochemical Production of Hydrogen in Aqueous Suspensions Nanoparticles Composites of CdS/ZnS. Material Science and applications. 2011,2, 1631-1638.
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  • Photoelectrochemical Studies on Aqueous Suspensions of Mixed CdS/ZnS Nanoparticle Composites for Hydrogen Production. Cairo 12th International Conference in Energy & Environment, 2011.
  • Photodissociation of water using colloidal nanoparticles of doped titanium (IV) oxide semiconductors for hydrogen production. Current Science, 99(8), 2010, 1087-1092.
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Papers at National/International Meetings

  • 1996 National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Austin, TX.
    • Electrochemical behavior of some mixed addendia.
  • 1996 National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Ashvelle, NC.
    • Surface modification of glassy carbon electrodes.
    • Polyoxometalates-based polymer films as modifiers for electrode surfaces. 
  • 1995 National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Schenectady, NY.
    • Modified Glassy carbon electrode surfaces as electrochemical sensor for enzyme-substrate interaction. 
  • 1994 National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Kalamazoo, MI.
    • Enzyme electrode based immobilized glucose oxidase in polymer films. 
  • 1993 International Electroanalytical Symposium, Indianapolis, IN.
    • Electroanalytical determination of silicotungstates in a mixture of some oxoanions; solvent effect criteria. 
    • Electrochemical behavior of Sodium 12 - Tungestodicobaltoate in aqueous and mixed solvent electrolytes. 
  • 1989 American Chemical Society (197th) Dallas, TX.
    • Ion exchange and charge transport properties of polymeric Ru(vppy)3 films. 
    • Incorporation and electrocatalytic properties of polyoxometalates in ion exchange polymer films.
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