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College Colloquium for Returning Adult Students

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Indiana University Kokomo

College Colloquium for Returning Adult Students

HSS-S200 (3 credit hours)


Instructor: Lori Collins

Office Phone: 765-455-9367, Cell Phone: 765-434-9359         Office Location: IU Kokomo, Main Building, room 280

Office Hours: by appointment or via email anytime                 Email: Must use Oncourse Messages for this course

Contact/Credit Hours:          3 credit hours (course meets for 10 sessions, 2 ½ hours in class and 2 ½ hours additional time online each week)

Course location and time:     10 Thursdays, 6-8:30 p.m. 

Course Description

This course will be half internet based and half in class for ten class sessions, meeting one day a week for two and a half hours. This course is intended for students who may or may not have had prior college experience or who need to brush up on their skills. It is also intended for students of all technological backgrounds. The students do not need prior internet experience in order to succeed in this course. In fact, it is intended as an introduction to internet instruction.

It is intended to cover subjects most important to students who are returning to school, especially in courses using internet instruction. The students will learn skills needed to succeed in any class. Categories included are: word processing and internet basics; preparing to learn; classroom participation; time management; studying; learning with others; reading, writing and presentation skills; and preparing for and taking tests. The first two classes we will work on computers in the classroom to learn computer and internet basics. You may bring your own laptop if you would like, but it is not required.

Students will have assignments that must be done between class sessions either individually or as an assigned group each week.

Required Textbook and materials

  • POWER Learning and Your Life: Essentials of Student Success, 2nd Ed, Robert S. Feldman, McGraw-Hill Publisher, 9780073522449
  • You MUST also purchase a planner. Which may be purchased at the IU Kokomo Bookstore .


The goal of this course is to alleviate fears that students who are returning to school may have prior to and at the beginning of this experience. The skills that they learn in this course would empower them to balance work, home, and school into their lives successfully.

The course will be structured in a way to allow for adjustments as needs change or arise within the group. This course will help to provide a supportive environment with others in the same situation. By working together in this class the students will have a new support system to help them along their new journey and will enhance and improve their skills needed to succeed. It will allow students to become comfortable with online instruction, but at the same time still have traditional classroom time and interaction.

 Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

  • Students will acquire a working knowledge of Oncourse and how to use the internet for college purposes.
  • Students will be able to better manage their time, resources, and motivation level.
  • Students will feel comfortable participating in class and listening to and reacting to other’s views.
  • Students will work together in teams to accomplish tasks for the betterment of all by organizing tasks, and doing research on the internet.
  • Students will learn effective study habits by avoiding procrastination.
  • Students will learn how to take notes from textbooks, improve reading speed and comprehension, the basics of writing essays and papers, and what constitutes plagiarism.
  • Students will learn how to overcome test anxiety by being prepared.

 Materials needed

  • Access to a computer with internet capabilities. - Students
  • Word Processing software (Microsoft Word 2010 or 2013-can be downloaded free from IUWARE.iu.edu or purchased at the IUK bookstore at an extreme discount) - Students
  • Computers on Wheels (COW) for the first two classes – instructor
  • Computer and LCD projector for classroom-instructor

General Guidelines for this class

Face-to-Face class attendance

Students will be required to attend the face-to-face class time each week. Exceptions will only be made for emergency situations. Students should make every effort to contact the instructor prior to a missed class or as soon as possible after the missed class. Missed class time could result in a lowered grade.

Online Attendance and Participation

It is expected that students will sign-on and participate in online forums and discussions several times a week. Forum comments should be more than “I agree”, or “I don’t agree”. This is your opportunity to say what you think, but it must be done with respect for other student’s opinions. Questions should be asked in the general forum discussion area so that everyone can benefit from getting answers to questions they may also have regarding the class or college. A portion of the online participation grade will be determined by the amount of time spent online and the number of responses given online.

Assignment Due Dates

Assignments are either due by 6:00 p.m. the day of class or 11:59 p.m. of the stated due date. It is important that you pay close attention to the day AND time it is due. This will be determined by the Oncourse time stamp of when it was sent. Late submissions will be accepted when arrangements have been made with the instructor prior to the due date or an unexpected delay occurs, but a lower grade will be assessed. If an unexpected delay occurs I expect for you or someone else on your behalf to contact me by email or phone to explain the delay and when the work will be completed.

Academic Integrity

Learning is a collaborative enterprise. However, plagiarism and copyright infringement will NOT be tolerated and any infractions will result in a failing grade and an immediate removal from the course.

Grading Scale







Excels in quality and content of assignment submissions, demonstrates superior knowledge of course topics, accurately applies knowledge gained through course materials







Meets all assignment criteria, demonstrates mastery of course topics, generally able to accurately apply knowledge gained through course materials







Meets most assignment criteria, demonstrates average knowledge of course topics, able to apply knowledge gained through course materials in most situations







Meets some assignment criteria, demonstrates below average knowledge of course topics, able to apply knowledge gained through course materials in some situations


399 and below

Meets very little to none of the assignment criteria

Assignment breakdown






Netiquette & Norms


Time Management & Goals


Discussion Forum 1


Discussion Forum 2


Discussion Forum 3


Discussion Forum 4


Community Involvement


Quiz (in class)


Test # 1: Chapters 1, 2, & Writing


Test # 2: Chapters 3  & 4


Test # 3: Chapters 1-6 (in-class test)


Test # 4: Chapters 7 & 8


Test # 5: Chapters 9 & 10


Research Paper in APA format


Research Paper Presentation


Attendance & Participation (in class)


Course Reflections



Total Points Possible


 Special Needs

Please contact the Disability Services Office at (765) 455-9356 if you feel you qualify for special services in the classroom based on the American Disability Act (ADA).

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