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Linda S. Ficht, J.D., MBA


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Linda S. Ficht, J.D., MBA

Associate Professor of Business Law
Office: KO 174E
Phone: (765)-455-9471
E-mail: lficht@iuk.edu

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Dr. Linda S. Ficht is an associate professor of business law in the School of Business at Indiana University Kokomo.

She is an award-winning teacher honored with the IU Trustees Teaching Award and a member of the Faculty Colloquium for Excellence in Teaching (FACET).  In 2011 She was awarded the Student Organization Advisor of the Year Award.  Linda has created a specific teaching method called Team Based Critical Analysis, which she uses to effectively teach business law.  Linda teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in ethics and social responsibility, the legal environment of business, employment law, cyber law, and commercial law.

Linda’s research interests lie in employment law and ethics.  Currently Linda is researching deception of job candidates during the selection process.  Linda publishes in both law and management journals and regularly presents her research at conferences every year.

Originally a licensed attorney in Illinois, Linda practiced law from 1997-2005 prior to becoming an academic.  Linda’s main area of practice was insurance defense, business law and family law.  Linda has worked in both the private and public sector as a practicing attorney.  Linda was the 2003 recipient of the 40 Leaders Under 40 Award for her work as an attorney in Peoria, Illinois.  Linda is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Pennsylvania.  She has also been admitted to practice in the Northern, Central and Southern Federal Districts Courts of Illinois.  She is a member of the Indiana State Bar Association and the Hamilton County Bar Association.  

Linda holds a JD cum laude from Southern Illinois University School of Law; an M.B.A. with a concentration in Management from Bradley University, Beta Gamma Sigma; and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Southern Illinois, Carbondale.

Courses taught:

BUS-L 201 Legal Environment of Business (3 cr.) P:sophomore standing. Emphasis on the nature of law by examining a few areas of general interest: duty to avoid harming others (torts), duty to keep promises (contracts), and government regulation of business (trade regulation). Credit not given for both BUS-L 201 and BUS-L 302.

BUS-L 303 Commercial Law II (3 cr.) P: BUS-L201. Covers the law of ownership, forms of business organization, commercial paper, and secured transactions. For accounting majors and others desiring a rather broad and detailed knowledge of commercial law.

BUS-L 406 Employment Problems and the Law (3 cr.) P: BUS-L 201. Current legal problems in the area of employment. Topics include race and sex discrimination, harassment, the American with Disabilities Act, employment at ill, privacy issues such as drug testing, and limits on monitoring and testing.

BUS-J 404 Business and Society (3 cr.) P: Senior standing. Intellectual, philosophical, and scientific foundations of business. The business dynamic; its role in the evolution of enterprise and society from the small and simple to the large and complex; structure, discipline, and goals of a business society.

BUKO-L 506 Employment Problems and the Law (3 cr.) Current legal problems in the area of employment. Topics include the hiring process, managing a diverse workforce, affirmative action, race and sex discrimination, harassment, the American with Disabilities Act, pay equity, employment at will, privacy issues such as drug testing and limits on monitoring and testing, termination issues and post-termination issues. 

BUKO-L 512 Law and Ethics in Business (3 cr.) The objective is to provide the student of management with that knowledge of the American legal system, its processes and the substantive law itself which is necessary to the making of informed and effective business decisions. Because the law develops and evolves in response to changing social, economic, political, and technological forces, and because business decisions often carry long-lasting as well as delayed effects, this course will emphasize the study of legal change. It is hoped that consideration of past legal developments will give prospective managers sufficient insight into the dynamics of this process to enable them to predict as soundly as possible the future legal environment in which their present decisions will bear fruit.

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