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Lina Rifai, Ph.D

Science, Mathematics, and Informatics

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Lina Rifai, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Vertebrate Biology
Office: SM 139B
Phone: (765)-455-9303
E-mail: lrifai@iuk.edu

Research Interests: Behavioral Ecology, Desert Ecology, Vertebrate Biology, Sexual Dimorphism.

Courses taught at IUK: Introductory Biology for Biology Majors, Human Anatomy, Evolutionary Medicine, Developmental Vertebrate Anatomy, Evolution and Diversity, Ornithology (Biology of Birds)

Hobbies: scuba diving, yoga, photography and being outside as much as possible 

Dahik, Eastern Desert, JordanRachel in Jordanwatching dragonfliesfemale pondhawk

Undergraduate Student Research:

Rachel Marschand (picture top right) - Effects of desertificiation on lizard communities in Jordanian Deserts -graduated in 2012, currently at Northern Texas University graduate school

Cassandra Kennedy - Effects of food and light on the behavior of freshwater jellyfish (Craspedacusta sowerbyi) - graduated in 2012, currently an intern at the Indianapolis Zoo

Russel Mueller - Sexual dimorphism of the American Toad (Bufo americanus)

Regan O'Neal - Sexual dimorphism and behavior of the Eastern Pondhawk (Erythemis simpliciollis

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