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Michael Finkler
Michael Finkler,  Ph.D.
Professor of Physiology


Courses Taught:

  • PHSL-P 215 Basic Human Physiology
  • PHSL-P 416 Comparative Animal Physiology
  • PHSL-P 418 Laboratory for Comparative Animal Physiology
  • BIOL-L 345 Vertebrate Biology
  • BIOL-L 367 Cell Physiology
  • BIOL-L 391 Natural History of Dinosaurs
  • BIOL-L 490 Independent Study (an opportunity for students to conduct research in my lab for college credit)
  • Occasional special topics courses and seminars for the Honors Program (H-399) and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (LBST-D 503)
Last updated: 08/09/2017