Professional Works

Publications and Works in Progress

  • Nancy A. Greenwood, “Using Genealogy to Teaching Family Sociology,” Under revision for publication.
  • Nancy A. Greenwood, 2012 Hans O. Mauksch Award Address, for publication in Teaching Sociology, forthcoming 2013.

Published Work

  • Books

    • Nancy A. Greenwood and Jay R. Howard, First Contact: Teaching and Learning in Introductory Sociology. Rowman and Littlefield, July 2011.   
    • Bruce Keith, Nancy A. Greenwood, Gary Hampe, Harriet Hartman, Carla Howery, Carol Jenkins, Gayle Kaufman, Peter Meiksins, Donald Reitzes, Susan Ross, Debra Swanson, and Deborah White, Sociology and General Education, ASA Task Force on Sociology and General Education, published by the American Sociological Association, 2007, 56 pages. 
  • Articles Published in Peer-refereed Journals

    • Nancy A. Greenwood, "Toward Public Responsive Sociology Curricula: The Role of Introductory Sociology". Teaching Sociology, Vol. 41. No. 3, (July) 2013.
    • Nancy A. Greenwood, "Androgyny and Adjustment in Later Life: Living in a Veteran's Home," Journal of Clinical Geropsychology, 1999.
    • Nancy A. Greenwood, "An Interview with Reece McGee," Teaching Sociology, 23:165-176, (April) 1995.
    • Nancy A. Greenwood and Margaret L. Cassidy. "A Critical Review of Family Sociology Texts, Teaching Sociology, 18:541-549 (October) 1990. 
    • Nancy A. Greenwood and Margaret L. Cassidy, "A Review of Introductory Marriage and Family Texts: Standards for Evaluation". Teaching Sociology, Vol. 14. No. 4, (October) 1986.
  • Book Chapters

    • Nancy A. Greenwood, course materials for Teaching About Family and Gender Violence: A Collection of Instructional Materials, edited by Barbara Keating, ASA Publications, 2007.
    • Gary R. Lee and Nancy A. Greenwood, “Comparative Research Methodology” in Comparative Families, Sage Publications, 2005.
    • Nancy A. Greenwood, course materials for Sociology of Family Violence in Resource Material for Teaching About Family Violence, 1st and 2nd editions, edited by Barbara Keating, ASA, Teaching Resource Center Publications, 1998 and 2003.
    • Nancy A. Greenwood, Senior Seminar in Sociology, syllabus published in Instructional Materials for the Capstone Course, edited by Theodore C. Wagenaar, American Sociological Association’s Teaching Resource Center, 1997.
    • Nancy A. Greenwood. "Interview," Voices From the Classroom, edited by Dean Dorn, American Sociological Association, 1996.
    • Nancy A. Greenwood. "Friendship Interaction Among the Elderly: Substantive and Methodological Issues," Aging Showcase edited by Greg Sanders and Jane Winge, published by Family Studies Institute, North Dakota State University, 1986.
    • Study Guide for Textbook:
    • Nancy A. Greenwood. Study Guide for Marriages and Families: Making Choices Throughout the Life Cycle, second edition, by M. A. Lamanna and A. Riedmann, Wadsworth Publishing Company, Belmont, California, 101 pages, 1985.  Also, Test Items for the same text, 131 pages, 1985.