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Patrick Motl, Ph.D.

Science, Mathematics, and Informatics

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Patrick Motl, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Physics
Office: SM 105D
Phone: (765)-455-9305
E-mail: pmotl@iuk.edu

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IUK Observatory: We have public nights at the observatory on the second Sunday of the month during the academic year.

Research Interests: I study compact objects through numerical simulations.  Compact objects are small, dense stellar remnants that if left on their own would be nearly invisible due to their small size  In many cases, however, these dead stars reveal themselves through interactions with their environment - often times though interacting with a partner star in a binary system.

Merger of two neutron stars
Merger of two identical neutron stars.  Vectors show magnetic field with amplitude in Gauss.

Neutron star black hole merger
Tidally disrupted neutron star accreting into a black hole.  The apparent horizon for the black hole is shown in black (duh) and magnetic field lines in the neutron star material are shown as stream lines.

double white dwarf merger
Temperature shown in color on a surface of constant density from a simulation of the merger of two white dwarf stars.  The temperature is in Kelvin.


In Fall 2013 I will be teaching

  • S105 Freshman Learning Community for Students in the School of Sciences
  • P100 Physics in the Modern World
  • P221 Physics I (calculus based)

Other classes I have taught at IU Kokomo include

  • A110 Introduction to Astronomy
  • P201 / P202 General Physics I and II
  • P221 / P222 Physics I and II
  • P301 Contemporary Physics
  • H399 Extrasolar Planets and the Search for Life
  • D513 Life, the Universe and Everything

Selected Publications:

  1. Carlos Palenzuela, Luis Lehner, Marcelo Ponce, Steven L. Liebling, Matthew Anderson, David Neilsen & Patrick M. Motl 2013 "Gravitational and electromagnetic outputs from binary neutron star mergers", submitted, arXiv
  2. Jan E. Staff, Athira Menon, Falk Herwig, Wesley Even, Chris L. Fryer, Patrick M. Motl, Tom Geballe, Marco Pignatari, Geoffrey C. Clayton & Joel E. Tohline 2012, "Do R Coronae Borealis Stars Form from Double White Dwarf Mergers?", The Astrophysical Journal, 757, p76, ADSarXivApJ
  3. David Neilsen, Luis Lehner, Carlos Palenzuela, Eric W. Hirschmann, Steven L. Liebling, Patrick M. Motl & Travis Garrett 2011, "Boosting jet power in black hole spacetimes", The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108, 12641, ADSarXivPNAS
  4. Sarvnipun Chawla, Matthew Anderson, Michael Besselman, Luis Lehner, Steven L. Liebling, Patrick M. Motl & David Neilsen 2010, "Mergers of Magnetized Neutron Stars with Spinning Black Holes: Disruption, Accretion and Fallback", Physical Review Letters, 105, 111101, ADSarXivPRL
  5. Migel Megevand, Matthew Anderson, Juhan Frank, Eric W. Hirschmann, Luis Lehner, Steven L. Liebling, Patrick M. Motl & David Neilsen 2009, "Perturbed disks get shocked: Binary black hole merger effects on accretion disks", Physical Review D, 80, 024012, ADSarXivPRD
  6. Tesla E. Jeltema, Eric J. Hallman, Jack O. Burns & Patrick M. Motl 2008, "Cluster Structure in Cosmological Simulations I: Correlation to Observables, Mass Estiamtes and Evolution", The Astrophysical Journal, 681, p167, ADSarXivApJ
  7. Matthew Anderson, Eric W. Hirchmann, Luis Lehner, Steven L. Liebling, Patrick M. Motl, David Neilsen, Carlos Palenzuela & Joel E. Tohline 2008, "Magnetized Neutorn-Star Mergers and Gravitational-Wave Signals", Physical Review Letters, 100, 191101, ADSarXivPRL
  8. Jack O. Burns, Eric J. Hallman, Nrennan Ganter, Patrick M. Motl & Michael L Norman 2008, "Why Do Only Some Galaxy Clusters Have Cool Cores?", The Astrophysical Journal, 675, p1125, ADSarXivApJ
  9. Matthew Anderson, Eric W. Hirschmann, Luis Lehner, Steven L. Liebling, Patrick M. Motl, David Neilsen, Carlos Palenzuela & Joel E. Tohline 2008, "Simulating binary neutron stars: Dynamics and gravitational waves", Physical Review D, 77, 024006, ADSarXivPRD
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