Performance Management

Indiana University supports a performance management program for its exempt and non-exempt staff. Evaluations are not simply another form to complete, but an opportunity for supervisors to celebrate the successes of their staff, to recognize them for stellar performance, to help them accomplish goals and our campus strategic mission, and also to identify opportunities for development.

Our performance management program includes:

  1. Timely and effective feedback - to enhance two-way communication regarding all aspects of job performance
  2. Goal and objective setting - to clarify job expectations and performance standards
  3. Development - to plan, discuss, and implement professional development


The five steps in the Performance Management Process are:

  • Clarify the Job (Completed by person in position; should match job description as well)
    • Outline major job duties
  • Define Performance Standards (Completed by person in position)
    • What does a good job look like?
    • Need to be:
      • Observable
      • Measurable
      • Specific
      • Meaningful
      • Realistic
      • Consistent
  • Document Job Performance (Completed by Team Member AND Supervisor)
    • Ideally this is done throughout the year
  • Once the document is complete, the supervisor and employee begin to document/evaluate the employee's performance
    • This should be done on an on-going basis, not waiting until the end of the year performance discussion
    • If all goes well, the end of the year performance discussion should only take about 10-15 minutes and there should be no surprises
  • Evaluate Job Performance
    • Also ideally done throughout the year
    • Includes areas of strength as well as challenges/improvements that need to be made
  • Performance Discussion
    • Relates to the previous year's performance
    • Celebrating successes for previous year
    • Discuss continuing/new goals for coming year
    • There should be no surprises at this point in the process

Team members should complete the Performance Management Process Form prior to meeting with their supervisor. The supervisor should review this document prior to meeting with the employee and complete their portion of the form.

Following the evaluation discussion, the forms should be sent to the Office of Human Resources, KO286.