Position Classification

To request a reclassification review of a clerical, technical, service maintenance, and professional positions, the incumbent and/or supervisor should complete a Position Description Form and submit it to the Human Resources Office. When the review is completed, Human Resources will notify the incumbent, department head and appropriate Vice Chancellor of the classification decision. The notice will include the classification level and salary grade for the position.

Classification Appeals Process

Incumbents, supervisors, deans, or vice chancellors may appeal the results of a classification determination.

  • The written request for an appeal must be received in Human Resources within one month of receiving the results of the review.
  • The appeal should include the reasons for the appeal and additional information to clarify the assigned duties and responsibilities of the position.
  • After the appeal has been received, Human Resources will send notifications to the incumbent and department indicating the results of the appeal review.
  • Appeal results are final. Incumbents and departments cannot request another classification review of the position for at least one year, unless the duties and responsibilities of the position change significantly.